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5pcs Vibration Switch Sensor Module Vibration Sensor Alarm Module For Arduino Smart Car Accessories

1. Onboard LM393 voltage comparator chip and vibration sensing probe
2. Support 5V/3.3V voltage input
3. Onboard signal output indication, the output valid signal is low level and the indicator light is on, the output signal can be directly connected with the single chip IO
4. The sensitivity of signal detection can be adjusted
5. With 3mm screw holes for easy fixing and installation;
Board size: 29.3*13.8mm
Interface Description:
VCC: positive power supply;
GND: the negative pole of the power supply;
OUT: module digital output interface (0 and 1)
Product information link: Vibration Sensor Module
Package Included:
5 x Vibration Sensor Module

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