New Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Electric USB Warm Back Down Vest Heating Jacket Racing Coat Best For Winter


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Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Electric USB Warm Back Down Vest Heating Jacket Racing Coat Best For Winter

Temperature Shift (Manual adjustment)
Heated: 53 ℃ (Red Light)
Warm: 48℃ (Purple Light)
Comfort: 43℃ (Green Light)
Energy Saving: 38 ℃ (White Light)
This clothes belongs to slim style, please judge the appropriate size according to the size chart before buying.
If you like more loose, please increase one or two yards to buy, please know it before your buying.

Material: Polyester Fiber
Color: Black
Men: M/L/XL/2XL
Women: S/
Power Supply Interface: USB
Power Supply: 5V/2A Portable Source (Not Included)
Fever Area: Back
Function: Keep warm, Anti water splashing and Prevent cold
Age Of Application: Adult Men And Women
This is a intelligence coat for you.
Built-in portable source storge pocket, easy travel.
Cervical spine and back fever, covering the cold area.
Set the temperature you want to respond to a variety of environments.
A button to heating, three stall temperature control, intelligent heating.
The fashion is warm, comfortable and breathable, and it's a good partner for your winter going out.
General USB interface power supply, longer service life, removable hats, anti water splashing and washable.
How To Use:
1.Take out USB plug
2.Plug in removable charger
3.Switch on the removable charger
4.Press the chest temperature control switch for 3 second
5.Red light flashing,means heating automatic
6.After red light flashes for 5 minutes,then automatic turn to white light,means medium temperature
7.Manual adjustment has three level,red light means hign-temperature heating continuously.
White light means medium heating continuously,blue light means low heating continuously
8.Press the chest temperature control switch for two second,lights out and stop heating
Washing Instructions:
1.Take out removable charger.
2.Neutral detergent is available and then hand wash.
3.Do not force knead or beat.
4.After nature air drying can be use.
Warm Tips:
1.If not used for a long time,please do not plug in removable charger
2.Do not use high temperature water or strong acid detergent.
3.Forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes,Please turn off the power and stop using if cloth is wet.
4.Use time depending on the capacity of removable charge.
Package Included:
1 X Coat(Portable Source Not Included)