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1 Set 1 Inch PZ-S25 Professional Car Audio Tweeter 40W Speaker Bass Headset With Cable

– The trumpet covers are made of synthetic metal PE hard materials, which protect the diaphragm better.
– Professional audio capacitance, exquisite pure copper wiring port.
– The one with the blue line is the positive pole, and no one is negative.
– Suitable for most cars.
– The treble is mounted on the A-pillar and the Midbass is mounted  under the door panel.
– Compact size, easy to install.
Mounting Position Options:
– The treble is mounted on the A-pillar and the Midbass is mounted  under the door panel.
– The treble is installed on the dashborad of the car and the bass is mounted  under the door panel. This method can be used in those car which no treble positions.
– Most of car install the tweeter like this. The door panel already with the hole of tweeter.
– This method can obtion the best sound field and the best image in most car audio conversions.
Powerful Strontium Magnet:
– A high-conductive magnet is used in Audioboom's speaker systems to obtain an air magnetic fiux density significantly higher than that obtained from ferrite magnets.
Lead-Free Solder: Solder used in product manufacturing is lead-free to help protect the environment.

Model Name: PZ-B25
Color: Black
Impedance: 3.2Ω
Voltage: 12V
Frequency Response: 2500-20KHz
SNR: 89dB
Sensitivity: 91dB
Power: 120W
– Total Diameter(A): 52MM
– Total Height(B): 25MM
– Mounting Depth(C): 30MM
– Hole Diameter(D): 49MM

– Before buying, please comfirm installation size, ensure the length and height of machine panel is suitable for your car.
– Before installation, please carefully check the car horn lines, if grounding or collising, please reconnect the lines before linking our machine, otherwise it may burn the machine.

Products List:
2 x Car Speaker
2 x Black Shell
2 x Screw
2 x Double-sided Adhesive
2 x Cable

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