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100-220V Aquarium Turtle Internal Corner Filter Low Level Water Reptile Amphibian Frog

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Model: #01:GF-400  #02:GF-800
Voltage: 100~220V 50Hz
Cable Length: 150cm/59.05''(appr.)
Plug: China National Standard Plug (we will send you the suitable adapter according to your location)
* Water flow adjustable to meet your needs.
* Suckers attach to tank corner, space saving.
* Waterfall flow running makes oxygen circulation.
* 5cm low water level design for use in small fish &turtle tank.
* Ultra quiet running provides your pets comfortable habitats.
* Activated carbon make water clean, removes odors & discolorat
6 Advantage:
1. Ultra low water level
2. Super sound-off
3. Adsorption odor
4. Safer and more energy efficient
5. Waterfall flow
6. The water is fine and smooth
Package included:
1X Filter
1X Plug Adapter

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