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100w 3-speed Silent Hot Water Circulation Pump For Household Solar Heater System


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                  Material: Cast Iron

                  Color: Green+Black

                  Power: 100W, 50Hz

                  Voltage: 220v~240v

                  Head: 6M

                  Capacity: 50L/min

                  Circulation area: Less than 50㎡

                  Connector: 25mm(Outer diameter)

                  Plug Type: China National Standard Plug (We will be based on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)


                  ✔ Low noise ,no leakage

                  ✔ Robust cast iron construction

                  ✔ 3-Stall speed adjustment according your own need

                  ✔ The red button facilitates pre-selection of the pump ooutput

                  ✔ Up to 20% less electrical current consumption in comparison to convenientional standard pumps

                  ✔ Widely used in city buildings, suburban villas, houses, water and pressurized with industrial equipment, air conditioning, boilers, solar circulating water, hot water circulating warm and so on.

                  The main purpose:

                  The pump is suitable for hot and cold water circulation below 100 °C and supercharging, especially the shower is difficult to ignite due to low water pressure or the water pressure is unstable and easy to fire. Installation and use of this pump can completely solve the problem: the household water pressure is too low and supercharged Water supply; solar water heater water supply, boiler hot water circulation pressurization, industrial equipment liquid pressurization cycle, air conditioning and refrigeration system circulating pressurization

                  Precautions for use:

                  1. After the pump is installed, connect the power supply and try to turn it for a few minutes (check whether the startup is normal), but the idle time should not be too long to prevent the dry running from affecting the life of the ceramic bearing.

                  2. When using this product in the home, you should pay attention to the exhaust of the pump, or when it is overhauled, the dripping water will prevent moisture on the board and the moisture-prone items.

                  3. When the product is supplied with water in the heating system, do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns.

                  4. Before installing the water pump, it should be ensured that the pipeline has no slag. If there are impurities, welding slag, dirt, etc., it will damage the life of the pump.

                  5. The pump should be installed in a place that is easy to repair or replace later.

                  6. Pay attention to the direction of water flow when the pump is installed. The direction of the water flow should be consistent with the water flow mark of the pump.

                  7. If the direction of the junction box hits the wall or the shift switch is not easy to operate during installation,you can loosen the four hex screws on the pump head. Rotate the motor body until the position is required, please be careful not to damage the rubber washer, then re-tighten the screw evenly and check if the seal line leaks.

                  Package included:

                  1 X Circulating Pump

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