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10pcs 100x12x16mm Angle Grinder Fiber Nylon Buffing Polishing Wheel Angle Grinding Sanding Disc

10pcs 100x12x16mm Fiber nylon buffing polishing wheel fit for metal finish wood polishing on angle grinder.

Material: Nylon Fiber
Outside diameter: 100mm/4''
Inside hole: 16mm for 100 angle grinder
Thickness: 12mm 
Color: Gray
Grit size: #12
Maximum speed: 3600RMP
Abrasive: steels, silicon carbide
Function: used for metal, wood, plastic material surface dealling, polishing, deburring, cleaning.

1. High hardness fiber, convenient and durable.
2. Quality adhesive production, mesh structure, can resist high temperature.
3. Thickening design, high grinding force, self sharpening, higher strength.
4. Anti-blocking and dissipate heat easily, without smearing or discoloring the work piece   
5. Widely used to eliminate metal burrs, fine polishing, coarse drawing, line lines and so on.

Package Included:
10 x Polishing Wheel

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