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110V-220V Nano Bubble Water Face Skin Beauty Machine


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                  Hydro Dermabrasion using pumps to add the essence of pure water through the nozzle impact skin at a high speed, Way with rotating friction skin, make the skin cells of aging metamorphism falls off, Let the essence to more easily into skin tissue, self-healing function make the skin rapid regeneration, Create a new organization to replace the aging organizations; At the same time stimulate skin growth layer of oxygen and blood circulation, accelerate the organization development, promote the formation of collagen, elastin, make skin become soft delicate, elastic luster.
                  This kind of pure physical and mechanical principles, Compared with fruit changes skin by chemical way to get rid of cutin, Have the advantage of temperate does not stimulate the skin, suitable for sensitive skin. By impact size control exfoliating degree of depth, Less irritating, the trouble will not have a wound care after operation, not easy also have pigmentation or redness of the skin. Hydro Dermabrasion Can be used to improve pigmentation of the skin disease, shallow acne scar, age spots, sunburn skin aging after rough and fine lines of the face, also can promote the skin update, immediately after the operation, the skin appears smooth tactility…
                  Nowadays, most consumers want simple ingredients of cosmetics, incline to natural, With Hydro Dermabrasion System will essence into deep skin, effectively complete physical way of imp-ort, safe and effective, without any side effects.
                  The another big characteristic of Hydro Dermabasion System is applicable to men and women, this is one reason why it is popular. The general cosmetic instrument only accepted by women. But improve skin microcrystalline instrument market also has a lot of men, plus the current male customers patronize the beauty more and more, predictably, water in the skin will become a new hotspot of future beauty industry.
                  Hydro dermabrasion peeling solve various kinds of stains:
                  chloasma, preg-nancy spots, age spots, freckles, sunburn,etc.; acne scars, acne scars, large pores, dark complexion;eyes, forehead, mouth, neck and chest in fine wrinkles. If you have above skin problems, you can use our hydro dermabrasion machine. Then you can see the gratifying results. The usual facial treatment and chemical peels can not compare with it.
                  Functional Assignment:
                  *Hydro dermabrasion role in the dermis, making skin activation, repair and regeneration
                  Microcirculation (nutrition, waste exchange places)
                  Promote metabolism.
                  Improve the oxygen supply of nutrients.
                  The aging of the material after the rapid removal of metabolic exp-ort.
                  Lymphatic circulation (passive drainage system)
                  The circulation smooth
                  Remove excess moisture and old waste
                  Increased nutrient supply function
                  Subsidiary glands (sebaceous glands, hair follicles)
                  Make clear three blocked ductal flow
                  Normal secretion of sebum nourish the skin
                  *For acne, acne skin treatment
                  1. Deep clear pores around the accumulation of sebum and prevent clogged pores and strengthen skin to remove dead cells and pock.
                  2. Stimulate metabolism&promote fat and bacteria,toxins and dead cells exclusion, increase the speed of cell regeneration therapy pit;
                  3. Increased cell permeability and cellular uptake, so that the active ingredients into the skin, inhibiting the growth of bacteria appease fine system skin wound healing;
                  4. Promote skin cell regeneration, fade acne, skin update and improve the pocks.
                  *Treatment for the dry skin
                  1. Remove the aging keratin, Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation, keep the skin smooth and delicate;
                  2. Promote blood and lymph circulation, let the water and oxygen easy for absorption, increase the brightness and luster;
                  3. Moisture and repair effect: Increase cell permeability, thebeauty products is easy for absorb, improve the skin Moisturizing.
                  4. Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin
                  renew, let the skin tissue become normal, let the skin water
                  transport capacity allowed to reach equilibrium..
                  *Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle
                  1. Accelerated remove the skin surface dust pollut-ants radicals which easy to hurt the cell,Enhance the cell's natural de-fense.Avoid the collagen fibers denaturing.
                  2. Promote blood and lymph circulation, Metabolism, let the dermis have enough Nutritional supplements,the wrinkle will remove.
                  3. Increase the skin permeability, the beauty products can penetrate deeper, promote the cell's natural de-fense renew,heal the wrinkle.
                  4. Promote collagen fibroblasts produce the collagen fibers, increase the skin de-fense. Avoid the radicals hurt the skin,keep the skin compact and flexible.
                  *Treatment for the stain and dull skin
                  1. Remove the aging keratin,Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation,keep the skin Smooth and delicate;
                  2. Promote blood and lymph circulation, Metabolism, increase the skin Oxygenated, let the skin rosy.
                  3. Increase cell permeability,the beauty products easy for absorption, improve the skin moisturizing. the skin turn brightness and luster;
                  4. Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin renew, let the skin uniform whitening.
                  *Treatment for skin hyperpigmentation
                  1.An acceleration of melanin and remove residual cells in the skin easily lead to environmental pollution and damage lipid peroxidation embryos cream and other substances can be added in epidermal keratinocytes rapidly melanin spots.
                  2.Improve skin microcirculation , promoting melanin metabolism,strengthen the deep whitening , restore melanin, Pale spot effect is obvious.
                  3.Increase skin permeability , allowing the cells to absorb deep whitening products , effectively inhibit the formation of melanin ,prevent pigmentation on the face.
                  4.To promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cells and increase skin immunity, strengthening against ultraviolet radiation , keep the skin white and bright
                  Package Includes:
                  1x Water Skin Peeling Facial Machine

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