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12/24V Jump Starter Emergency Charger Booster Power Bank Fully Automatic Pulse Repair Device

Name: Fully Automatic Pulse Repair Charger
Input parameter: 160V-260V
Output parameters: 12V-24V
Color: red and black
Power: 5000W
Input: AC 220V-50Hz   current: 2A
Output: DC 12V-24V   current: 15A
12V, 24V automatic identification
Red clip positive pole, black clip negative pole, reverse connection protection
Rain and water are strictly prohibited.
– Over heat protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection
– Work indicator light, clear work indicator light, full power supply light red saturation light green.
– Four advantages:
1.Repair and maintenance, aerospace nanotechnology, nano-computer chip, maximum maintenance and repair of battery.
2.High efficiency, fast charging speed, high conversion rate.
3.Energy saving, the conversion rate of charging work saves 30% of electricity, and the standby work saves three times of electricity.
4.Insurance, multiple protection. Stable performance, escort for your safety.
Package included:
1 x Fully Automatic Pulse Repair Charger

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