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13pcs Harmonic Balancer Puller Gear Pulley Puller Steering Wheel Remover Removal

13PCS Harmonic Balancer Kit Gear Pulley
Puller Steering Wheel Crankshaft Tools
Great for removal of harmonic balancers steering wheels and Gear Pullers.
Drop forged heat treated yoke
Yoke allow for 2 hole or 3 hole applications
Hardened & tempered + Precision Machined Bolt
Material: Carbon Steel
Case size: 225x200x60mm
Package Included:
1 X Pressure Screw
1 X 3/4- 16 thread
1 X Small Centering Adapter
2 X Bolts 3/8 "* 100mm
2 X Bolt M8 * 80mm
3 X Bolts 3/8 "* 50mm
3 X Bolts 5/16 "* 50mm

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