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1M x 14M Landscape Weed Control Mat Fabric Ground Cover Membrane Barrier Block Mat

Material: PP
Color: Black
Gram Weight: 100GSM
Size: 1m x 14m / 3.28ft x 45.93ft (appr.)
Designed Usage:
● Decking
● Gardens
● Allotments
● Beds & Borders
● Paving & Patios
● Children's Play Areas
● Gravel & Stone Driveways / Paths
● Underneath Bark / Chippings / Mulch
● Robust PP offering tear and puncture resistance.
● Effective weed barrier. Cuts down garden maintenance.
● A simple and easy way of solving all your weed control problems.
● The fabric can simply be unrolled anywhere you wish to prevent weed growth.
● Allows water to drain through, whilst still offering outstanding weed suppression.
● The fabric is porous meaning that it will block the light to the weeds, stopping growth.
● The material itself physically stops the weeds from pushing through and popping up where you least expect.
● It can easily be cut and shaped to fit your requirements, including allowing for plants that are currently in place.
● This product will even work under bark and mulch. Simply load the bark onto the fabric and spread to a depth of 5cm / 2''.
How To Lay:
1. Measure the width of the area and length of the area you wish to cover.
2. Then multiply the length by the width, which will give you the square meter (sqm2).
3. Turn over the area to be covered and make sure any sharp weeds / stalks are removed.
4. Lay your chosen fabric on top of the prepared soil, if you need to overlap make sure you leave around 25cm.
Warm Tip:
● Prevention is a million times better than any cure. Stop the weeds before they take over your garden.
● If you're looking to redo your driveway with chippings, gravel, stones, brick paving…whichever you choose, this material can simply be laid out before placement, and your drive will stay the way it should – looking fantastic, new, and weed free!
Package Included:
1 X Weed Control Fabric (100GSM 1M x 14M)
(This item only comes with the fabric, pegs Not included)

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