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220V Portable Electric Space Heater 3 Heating Settings Winter Warmer Fan

Product Name:Heater Fan
Material:PP Polypropylene resin
Use voltage:220 – 240V
Rated power:1000 – 2000W
Power plug:EU Plug
Fast heating,blowing comfortable hot air in 3 seconds.
Three-position design,You can blow the normal wind (windshield) according to your needs, or turn on the local electric heating wire (first gear) and all the electric heating wire (second gear).
Hard shell,not easy to damage.
The back protrusion prevents the object from obstructing the air inlet.
Using high-efficiency heating wire to heat up,the heating process will not be red due to high temperature,completely solve the safety hazard.
Do not cover the air inlet and outlet of the heater with items.
Do not pour liquid into the heater when using.
The first use of the warm air opportunity has a slight burning smell,which is produced by the oil in the heater.When you use it for the second time, you won’t have this taste.

Package List:
1 x Electric Heater Fan
1 x Instruction manual

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