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25mm/38mm Industry Security Six Couplet Lockout Tagout Hasp Clasp Lock Vinyl Coated Steel Hasp

Material: Nylon PA + Durable steel 
Color: Red
Lockhole diameter: 10.5mm
Padlock capacity: 6
Shackle size: 1''(25mm) & 1.5''(38mm)
Scope of application: Petroleum, natural gas, chemical, power, nuclear, logistics, transportation, machinery manufacturing.
1. The handle is made of engineering plastic nylon material, injection molding  high strength steel the surface of the keyhole is smooth and delicate.
2. Non-conductive, red vinyl handle coating improves grip and protects equipment from scratching.
3. Exquisite material casting, durable and wearable.
4. Six holes for padlocks provide the ability to require multiple authorizations to allow access to one locked out device or energy source.
5. Secure each lockout point to ensure equipment is inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made.
6. Control cannot be turned on until the last worker's safety padlock is removed from lockout hasp.
Package Included:
1x Lockout Hasp

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