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29Pcs URUAV T XT60 XT30 EC3 EC5 Male Female Plug Adapter Connector with 127Pcs Heat Shrink Tube Kit

Specification of Connectors:
5X T Plug Male Connectors
5X T Plug Male Connectors
5X XT60 Male Connectors
5X XT60 Female Connectors
3X XT30 Male Connectors
3X XT30 Female Connectors
3X EC3 Male Connectors
3X EC3 Female Connectors
3X EC5 Male Connectors
3X EC5 Female Connectors
Specification of Heat Shrink Tubing:
Color: Black
Diameter: 2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0/7.0/10.0/13.0
Length: 40/80/85mm
30pcs x 2.0 x 40mm
25pcs x 2.5 x 40mm 
20pcs x 3.5 x 40mm 
20pcs x 5.0 x 40mm 
16pcs x 7.0 x 80mm 
8pcs x 10.0 x 80mm 
8pcs x 13.0 x 85mm 
Packaging Included:
1X Adapter Plug Set
1X Heat Shrink Tubing

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