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30-100A 230V LCD Display Single-phase Electric Watt-hour Meter DIN-rail Type Installation Household Energy Meter


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                  Model: DDS548C
                  Type: Single-phase power meter
                  Basic current: 30A
                  Maximum current: 100A
                  Frequency: 50Hz
                  Reference voltage: 230V
                  Current ratio: 1000imp/ kwh
                  Display: LCD Display
                  Weight: About 0.28kg
                  Product size: 100 * 76 * 65mm

                  — Use long life.

                  — 35mmDIN standard rail mounting
                  — High reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and advanced technology.
                  — It has good anti-electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, high precision, high overload, high stability and anti-stealing.


                  Use and scope of application:

                  * Can directly and accurately measure the positive active energy in the electric energy metering, and the 6-digit accumulator display total power consumption.
                  * This meter is suitable for measuring single-phase AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, for fixed installation indoors. It is suitable for ambient temperature not exceeding -25°C~+55°C, relative humidity is not more than 95%, and not in air. Contains corrosive gases and prevents dust, mold, salt spray, condensation, insects and other effects.

                  Installation and use
                  * An electrician or professional with experience is required to install the meter and be sure to read this manual.

                  * In places where there is contamination and possible damage to the facility, the energy meter should be installed in a protective cabinet.

                  * The electric energy meter with no lead seal or storage time should be re-inspected before the relevant department can be installed and used.
                  * When the power meter is removed from the original box, the inner package or the outer casing is damaged. Do not install or power the meter.The electric energy meter should be installed in a ventilated and dry place indoors. It should be installed in 35mm DIN standard rail type. The bottom plate of the electric energy meter should be fixed on the wall which is strong and refractory and not easy to vibrate.
                  * When installing the wiring, it should be wired according to the wiring diagram on the electric energy meter case or the corresponding wiring diagram of the manual. It is best to use multi-strand copper wire to prevent the electric energy meter from working abnormally or burning due to poor contact. When the energy meter is properly connected to the power grid, the power indicator of the meter is always on.
                  Instructions for use
                  * When the electric energy meter is used in areas with high lightning power, lightning protection measures should be taken to avoid damage to the electric energy meter due to lightning strikes.
                  * The load capacity of the energy meter is between 0.05Ib~Imax (direct access type) or 0.02Ib~Imax (via transformer connection type), which exceeds the transformer multiplier and is the actual power consumption.
                  * Data display: meter display
                  * Power indication: When the green light is on, it indicates that the working power of the energy meter is normal.
                  * Pulse indication: When the red light is on, it indicates that the energy pulse is checked.
                  * When there is a sampling signal, the pulse indicator lights up for about 80ms.

                  Insulation performance
                  * All the lines of the electric energy meter can withstand a surge voltage of 1.2/50μS and a peak value of 6KV between the outer casings, and test 10 times under the same polarity without arcing or breakdown.
                  * All line-to-ground insulation of the energy meter can withstand an actual positive arc voltage of 2KV at a frequency of 50Hz, which does not break down after one minute of testing.
                  Note: Please check that all programming is correct before using the meter.

                  Package Included:
                  1 x Single-phase Electric Energy Meter

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