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30pcs DC 12V 1CH Channel 433MHz Relay Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter


1.Suitable for all lights.

2.Energy-saving and environment protection

3.Fast response and long control distance.

4.Stable performance and strong to resist interference, not obstructed by walls and furniture!

5.Easy to install and simple to use.

6.Application:Garage Door,Household Electrical Appliances,RGB lights

7.Characteristic:Double control(wall switch function and control function),safety(the shell applies to the fire-retardant material),easy installation(just wire connection)


1.Material:ABS Plastic

2.Battery:23A Battery (Battery is not included)

3.Operating voltage: 12V

4.Frequency: 433MHZ

5.Reference distance: 150 meters (This is the theory distance in open environment without interference, practical application due to the interference environment and decreased)

6.Current job: 9 ~ 12mA

7.Transmitting power: 10-15mw

8.Frequency deviation: ± 0.2MHz

9.Size (LxWxH): 58x38x15 (mm)

Package included:

30 x Wireless Remote Control (Battery is not included)

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