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315MHz/433MHz Transmitter Module Wireless Transmitter Module Super Regeneration board


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                  Product Name: Without Encoding Transmitter Module
                  Model: MX-F01
                  Working voltage: 3-12V
                  Operating frequency: 315MHz
                  Standby current: 0mA
                  Working current: 20-28mA
                  Transmission distance:> 500m (open receiving plate sensitivity above -103dBm distance)
                  Output power: 16dBm (40mW)
                  Transmission rate:
                  Modulation: OOK (amplitude modulation)
                  Working temperature: -10 ~ +70
                  Size: 19 × 19 × 8mm
                  1. The transmitter module and the market fixed code, learning code with the same frequency to receive any supporting the use of modules can be equipped with our wireless receiver module.
                  2. Sound table frequency stability, stable performance; wide operating voltage range; product consistency is good, cost-effective.

                  Pin and Instructions:
                  Pin (from left to right) and instructions:
                  Pin Name Function Description
                  1 ATAD data input pin
                  2 VCC power positive
                  3 GND power supply negative
                  The transmitter module has three external interfaces, one in English. "VCC" means the power supply positive, "ATAD" means input, "GND" means the power supply negative.
                  1. Wireless Transmitter Module Wireless Transmitter Transmitter Panel 3-12V Universal Voltage
                  2. Such as pro-distant distance requirements, can be accessed by a quarter-wavelength antenna, generally 50 ohm single-core wire, the antenna length of 315M is about 23cm, 433M of about 17cm;
                  3. Antenna position on the module to receive the effect is also affected, the installation, the antenna as far as possible straight away from the shield, high pressure, and interference sources.
                   Package Included:
                  1 x 315MHz/433MHz Transmitter Module Wireless Transmitter Module

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