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3MHz-1200MHz RF Reflection Bridge Directional VSWR SWR Bridge/Antenna Analyzer


Widely used in the antenna measurement debug, debug and test RF matching circuits. Device swept return loss measurements.
Microstrip circuit design, to meet the requirements of high frequency RF operating frequency range: 3MHz — 1200MHz.
High directivity. Typical directional 30dB and 500MHz, 27dB and 1GHz, 26dBa and 1.2GHz.
To test the circuit 1GHZ frequency is greater than in the reference load circuit design using an external way, the external load, see pictures of them bridge. The load can work well in 4GHZ less, thus fully meet the requirements of this test 1.2GHZ frequency bridge.
Under the bridge and then the matching of the input and output VSWR <1.1.

Working frequency range: 1MHz – 1200MHz
High directivity: 1-30MHz 28dB
                          30-1000MHz 33dB
                          1000-1200MHz 27dB
Insertion loss: 13dB
Radio Frequency Interface: All three ports are SMA buses, and the general SMA buses with external threads and internal holes.
Package Included:

1 x 3MHz-1200MHz RF Reflection Bridge Directional 

Details Pictures:

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