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490mm Long Car Eberspacher or Webasto Heater Water Fuel Stand Pipe Low Profile

Low Profile Heater Fuel Standpipe
Suitable for Fuel Tank or fuel tank Sender Unit Installation
ideal when the fuel gauge sender unit is accessible on the vehicle 
Quickly and safely allows fuel pick-up installation without fuel tank removal or interruption of vehicle fuel lines
Successful and professional fuel delivery solution for many heaters including
for Eberspacher D2 Airtronic 
for  Eberspacher D4 Airtronic 
for Webasto Air top 2000 S 
for Webasto Air top 2000 ST 
for Webasto Air top 2000 STC
for Webasto Air top EVO 40
for Webasto Air top EVO 55


Name: Heater fuel stand pipe 
Model: A72037
Length: 490mm approx

Engine fuel line supply lines remain uncut, no 'T' in required
Package Included:
1 X Heater Fuel Stand Pipe 

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