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4pcs Adjustable Magnetic V-Pads Brass Strong Hand Tools MVDF44 For Butt Welding

The adjustable magnetic V-Pads from strong hand tools is a time saving magnetic tools for use in the shop and in the field. 

Color: Gold
Material: Brass
XDV4 Lengh: 55mm/2.2"
XFV4 Lengh: 65mm/2.6"
Max Pull Force: 18lbs


– Light duty and tight spot holding! Build, hold, and position steel.
– Hold and position round, flat, and square parts in light duty substructure applications!
– Each V-Pad contains 4 rare-earth magnets.

Package Included:
2 x 2″ V-Pads (XDV4)
2 x 2.2″ V-Pads (XFV4)

More Details: 

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