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540mm LED Backlight Strip Kit Adjustable Update 24×24 Inch CCFL LCD Screen to LED Monitor Module


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                  LED Strip Size: 540mm x 4mm
                  Driver board size:7x2cm
                  Input:DC 10-30V


                  * The product of the original display-specific lights, high brightness, can not look directly
                  * LED particles close, high-density arrangement bright LED SMD imports
                  * Long life, is a display design, the life of 100,000 hours
                  * Easy to install, use double-sided tape can be attached to the original LCD display tank, or posted elsewhere
                  * Energy saving, power only 8W. Original four LCD power is generally 24W.

                  Brief installation instructions:

                  If your monitor is a high pressure plate, this pressure plate into a direct replacement driver board like if your monitor is one of the high-voltage power supply board, then: one version of the high-pressure electricity, find 12V (capacitance), then pull swap power supply with a multimeter to find and 12V (capacitance) is connected to the negative originals off, boost board then three lines 12V, ON, GND, 12V 12V positive electrode plate with high pressure booster is integrally connected to the board, GND with negative connected, oN even oN / OFF. it is simply the original high-voltage power supply is disconnected to replace the booster plate at the front end of the original pressure to take power.
                  The following are the installation instructions for reference (for reference only):

                  Easy modification steps:

                  1, open the metal frame:
                  2, cut the inner plastic protective frame angle:
                  3, out of the liquid crystal lamp:
                  4, insert the LED light bar
                  Note, this modification method is simple, easy to light leakage. But it will destroy the border.

                  Normal method:

                  1. Open to protect the metal frame with a simple conversion step.
                  2. Remove the LCD glass panel (panel carefully on soft cable, such as careless easy to qualify and broadband)
                  3. Remove the plastic inner frame and lighthouse (Be careful not to get dirty fouling within the backlight assembly)
                  4. Remove the inner lamp lighthouse
                  5. LED light bar affixed inside the lighthouse
                  6. then restore the original removal steps carefully
                  7. Replace the glass panels and metal frame test
                  8. Installed lights.

                  Package includes:

                  1 x LED strips
                  1 x Driver board
                  1 x Cable

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