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5T 12V DC Electric Car Jack Lift Van Garage High Power Car Truck Electric Jacks Universal Tire Replacing Tool


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                  Carrying Weight dynamic:1: 1.25 times. Static: 1: 1.5 times
                  Load bearing:Bear 5 Ton / 9.2kg
                  Jacking range:140mm-430mm
                  Maximum carrying value:5 Ton
                  Power:12V DC
                  Top material:High strength nylon 66
                  1.Overload protection: When the load exceeds the rated load automatically stop working, protect the product from damage and operator safety.
                  2.Selection of high-quality four-pole carbon brush 12V DC motor, torque strong, powerful.
                  1, electric charge use:
                  ⑴ the car parked on the level of the road, the engine flameout, and do not forget to tighten the hand brake.
                  ⑵ put the electric jack placed in the tires near the body under the steel beam, and the top of the electric jack on the bottom of the car under the support point, so that the electric jack can be safe and effective lifting.
                  (3) Connect the electric jack to the 12V power supply in two ways:
                  ① use ci-garette lighter connection: one end of the ci-garette lighter plug into the ci-garette lighter socket, the other end of the 5.5mm plug into the electric jack on the 5.5mm plug seat. (Note: ci-garette lighter fuse rated current shall not be less than 10A)
                  ② Use the vehicle battery to connect directly: Insert one end of the ci-garette lighter plug into the ci-garette lighter socket at one
                  end of the battery clamp, and hold the red clip on the other end of the battery clip and hold the battery "+" (positive) Battery "-" (negative) connected, and then plug the other end of the ci-garette lighter plug 5.5mm plug into the electric jack on the 5.5mm plug seat.
                  ⑷ use the operation: to determine the first few steps to do a good job, you can start the lifting operation.
                  Hold the remote control and press the button on the remote control as needed. "△" means rising, "▽" means descent, "□" means stop. )
                  ⑸ in the process of jacking up, should carefully observe the jacking dynamic, to ensure that the electric jack is not tilted until the wheel and the ground away from the 20mm, the wheels can be free to stop when lifting, replace the tires.
                  2, the use of electric wrench:
                  ⑴ When the replacement wheel leaves the ground, connect the electric wrench
                  to the power supply (insert the 5.5mm power plug on the electric wrench directly into the 5.5mm plug of the ci-garette lighter plug).
                  (2) Select the appropriate sleeve, the square hole into the top of the electric wrench on the square head, you can release or tighten the bolt.
                  ⑶ according to the required direction of work, choose loose, tight switch. The left side of the power switch "‖", is the reverse direction, the right sign "|", is the direction of the forward, the middle mark "○", is stopped. With the thumb to hold the corresponding direction switch, hear 1-2 times "despair, despair" after the crash can release the thumb, the whole process about 2-3 seconds.
                  Package Included:
                  1 X Electric Jack
                  1 X Electric Wrench
                  1 X Manual Remote Control
                  1 X Remote Control
                  1 X Battery Power Cable
                  2 X Double-Headed Sleeve (17-19 21-23)
                  3 X Spare Fuse
                  1 X Hand Crank
                  1 X Cro wbar
                  1 X Ci-garette Lighter Power Cable
                  1 X Pair Of Gloves

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