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6V 12V 24V PWM DC Motor Governor Electronic Stepless Speed Controller Regulation Brushless Motor Inverter Switch CCW CW


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                  Input voltage requirement: 5V-30VDC (wide range)
                  Maximum output power: 150W
                  Continuous current up to 6A
                  PWM pulse width modulation range: 0%-100%
                  Size: 73.5mm*45.5mm*27mm
                  The center distance of the mounting hole: 63.5mm*36.5mm
                  Positioning hole diameter : 3.5mm
                  The governor uses PWM speed control technology, which has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, wide speed range and stable performance. The governor uses all imported original semiconductor chips from STMicroelectronics. It is tested by voltage, current and function before leaving the factory. The circuit is stable and reliable.
                  – The products are equipped with external speed control knobs.
                  – Positive and negative control, (positive stop) products are equipped with positive and negative switches.
                  – Using the original chip, the filter capacitor uses monolithic capacitors, and the circuit is stable and reliable.
                  – The heat sink area used by this governor is more than twice that of similar products on the market, and can meet the needs of 60W-150W motors.
                  Introduction to PWM:
                  The full name of pulse width modulation: Pulse WidthModulator, referred to as PWM. Due to its special properties, it is often used as a dimming or DC motor speed regulation in DC loops. This circuit is a motor controller fabricated using the principle of pulse width modulation (PWM). There are two advantages to using this method to control motor speed:
                  1. It mainly changes the duty cycle of the output square wave so that the average on-time on the load changes from 0-100% to achieve the purpose of adjusting the load brightness/speed. The advantage of using the pulse width modulation (PWM) method to achieve dimming/speed regulation is that the energy of the power supply can be fully utilized and the efficiency of the circuit is high. For example, when the output is a 50% square wave, the pulse width modulation (PWM) circuit consumes 50% of the power, which means that almost all of the energy is converted to the load power output. When the common resistance step-down speed regulation is adopted, the power supply must provide more than 71% of the output power of the power supply with a maximum output power of 50%, 21% of which is consumed by the voltage drop and heat consumption of the resistor.
                  2. Pulse width modulation (PWM) mode can be used to obtain the full power supply voltage during operation, which is beneficial to overcome the inherent coil resistance of the motor and make the motor generate more torque.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x 6V 12V 24V PWM DC Motor Governor Electronic Stepless Speed ​​Controller

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