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8V-35V to 5V 8A Power Supply DC DC Step Down Module USB For Mobile Phone Car Charger


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                  1. Built-in independent dedicated charging management IC, can effectively support various mobile phones for maximum current charging, fast charging speed, safe and reliable.
                  2. The charging identification IC is compatible with Apple's full range of Android products, and most mobile phones can achieve the fastest charging speed.
                  3. The input adopts MOS tube reverse connection protection to maximize the conversion efficiency and reduce the loss.
                  4. Output with overvoltage protection to effectively protect the phone.
                  5.8-35V ultra-wide input voltage, 12V 24V car can be perfectly supported.
                  6. Synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce heat generation and improve efficiency, and the efficiency can reach up to 96%.
                  7. The industry's advanced flat line high current inductance, large current and small heat generation, high conversion efficiency.
                  8.3 high-quality chip capacitors, and then increase the capacity of MLCC capacitors, lower output ripple and less interference.
                  9. High quality gold-plated USB port, the life is twice that of ordinary USB.
                  10. The default output voltage is about 5.2V.
                  Module parameters:
                  Input voltage: DC 8-35V
                  Input current: 5.5A (maximum load)
                  Output voltage: 5.2V
                  Output current: up to 8A, current adaptive
                  Dynamic response speed: 300us (load flow change 5%)
                  Conversion efficiency: 95% (12V to 5.2V3.5A measured, efficiency is related to differential pressure and load size.)
                  Load regulation rate: 0.2-0.3% (10%-50% load 12V input measured)
                  Ripple & Noise: 120mVP-P (20MHz bandwidth 12V to 5.2V3A measured)
                  Switching frequency: 100KHz
                  No-load current: 18mA (measured by 12V car 5V)
                  Wiring method: IN input OUT input Terminal block
                  Net weight: 20G
                  Supporting devices: devices that require USB power, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, navigators, and driving recorders.
                  Appearance size: 70 (length) * 35 (width) * 12 (height) mm
                  (1) Do not use overvoltage and overload, otherwise it will damage the battery and power supply.
                   (2) The module can only step down and cannot boost, and cannot supply power to electrical equipment higher than the input voltage.
                   (3) Do not work at full load for a long time. Please keep 20% margin when working continuously, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

                  Package includes:

                  1 x Power supply module

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