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91pcs Microscope Slides Plant Animal Insect Specimen Professional Glass Prepared Microscope Slides


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                  Brand New

                  91pcs Basic Science Microscope Slides


                  – Professional prepared slides ideal for school education and collection

                  – Slides with cover slips and preserved in cedar wood oil for permanent purpose

                  – Major samples in basic science (bacteria, cell, tissue of plants and animals science)


                  One end with information label(English label on Slides)

                  Plastic storage box for up to 91 slides

                  Slides Material: Optical Glass

                  Thickness: 1mm – 1.2mm

                  Slides Size: 75mm x 25mm

                  Box Size: 7.86" x 6.49" x 1.38" /20cm x 16.5cm x 3.5cm

                  Package Inclueded:

                  91 x Mixed Microscope Slides(with plastic box)


                  1.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

                  2.The colors may have different as the difference display, please understand.

                  91Mixed Slide Kit
                  1 Root tip of plant L.S. 47 Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee W.M.
                  2 Young root of plant T.S. 48 Mouthpart of Honeybee W.M.
                  3 Corn stalk I.S. 49 Mouthpart of Honeyfly W.M.
                  4 Stem Of monocotyledon T.S. 50 Mouthpart of Butterfly W.M.
                  5 Stem Of xylophyta dicotyledon T.S. 51 Mouthpart of Mosquito W.M.
                  6 Lower epiderm of leaf of horsebean W.M. 52 Mouthpart of Grasshopper W.M.
                  7 Penicillium W.M. 53 Hydra W.M.
                  8 Microzyme W.M. 54 Simple squamous epithlium sec.
                  9 Aspergillus W.M. 55 Stratified squamous epithlium sec.
                  10 Leaf of jasminum nudiflorum T.S. 56 Dense connective tissue (Tendon L.S.) sec. 
                  11 Letter "e" W.M. 57 Loose connective tissue W.M.
                  12 Apical bud L.S. 58 Blood of human smear
                  13 Stem Of dicotyledon T.S. 59 Skeletal muscle L.S.
                  14 Actinomycets W.M. 60 Smooth muscle isloated W.M.
                  15 Chlamydomonas W.M. 61 Cardiac muscle sec.
                  16 Three type of bacteria 62 Neurcytes isloated W.M.
                  17 Leaf of Pinus T.S. 63 Skin of human (show hair follicle) sec.
                  18 Seed of Castor sec 64 Skin of human (show sweat gland) sec.
                  19 Meiosis of Grasshopper sec. 65 Spinal cord T.S.
                  20 Lymph node sec. 66 Motor end plate W.M.
                  21 Polliondium of Funaria L.S. 67 Corpus ventriculi sec.
                  22 Archegonium of Funaria L.S. 68 Kidney and vein sec.
                  23 Protonema of Funaria W.M. 69 Artery and Vein sec.
                  24 Sporophyll of Pteridium sec. 70 Intestine of T.S.
                  25 Funaria Leaf 71 Ciliated epithelium of gill T.S.
                  26 Funaria 72 Lung sec.
                  27 Pollen germination W.M. 73 Kidney of sec.
                  28 Ovary of Lilium T.S. 74 Testis T.S.
                  29 Matuer anther of Lilium T.S. 75 Ovary of sec.
                  30 Volvox W.M. 76 Sperm of smear
                  31 Agaricus esc. 77 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of human W.M.
                  32 Seed of Zea mays L.S. 78 Chromosome of human W.M.
                  33 Epiderm of Allium W.M. 79 Root tip of Allium cepa L.S.
                  34 Spirogyra W.M. 80 Mitosis of animal sec.
                  35 Rhizopus W.M. 81 Cleavage stage of egg of frog sec.
                  36 Hydra L.S. 82 Gastrula stage of egg of frog sec.
                  37 Zygote of Ascarid lumbricoide W.M. 83 Blastula stage of egg of frog sec.
                  38 Earthworn T.S. 84 Saliavary chromosome of Chironomus W.M.
                  39 Conjugation of Paramecium caudatum W.M. 85 Euglena
                  40 Binary Fission of Paramecium caudatum W.M. 86 Simple-cell of egg of frog sec.
                  41 Rotifer 87 2-cell of egg of frog sec.
                  42 Fibrillation earthworn W.M. 88 Early gastrula stage of egg of frog sec.
                  43 Taenia 89 Lichen sec.
                  44 Schistosoma iaponicum (male) W.M. 90 Young embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
                  45 Schistosoma iaponicum (female) W.M. 91 Mature embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
                  46 Female Worms T.S.    

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