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Alctron PF8 Studio Microphone Acoustic Sponge Soundproof Filter Recording Wind Screen

PF8 uses high quality noise reduction foam machining into cylinder microphone wind screen.
Through noise reduction foam to absorb the noise around recording room, but some of noise will be run away.
PF8 helps your microphone isolating in a quiet environment, under this environment microphone will record your voice exclusively.
PF8 windproof screen not only reduce the reflection of recording sound but also reduce the external wind and noise to disturb recording.
The PF8 is able to capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment,all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any coloration.

Material: Noise Reducing Sponge
Wind Screen Diameter: 200 mm
Wind Screen Height: 180 mm
Wind Screen Aperture: 130 mm
Fit Microphone Housing Diameter: 45 mm~60 mm

Optimize Your Voice

Capture your pure voice, reduce external noise, and interfere with recording sound.
Reduce Late Sound Trimming
Reduce excess balance and post production requirements.
Integrated Blowout Preventer
Removable BOP cover,In the recording process, which can prevent the plosive,can prevent erosion on the microphone sound head from slobber splashing.
Reduce Environmental Noise And Sound Reflection
Isolate your microphone in a quiet recording environment while reducing the sound reflection.

The product is only a noise reduction windproof screen, does not contain any recording equipment.
Package Included:
1 x Alctron PF8 Acoustic Filter Wind Screen
1 x User Manual

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