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AT3010 AC50~320V 100A 3KKW Phone App AC Meters Digital Voltage Meters indicator Power Energy Meter Voltmeter Ammeter Current Amps Volt Wattmeter Tester


Bluetooth  Version and Standard Version(optional)

AT3010 AC meter electrical parameter:

Voltage measurement range: 050.0V~320V Resolution accuracy: 0.1V
Current measurement range: 0.000A~100.0A Resolution accuracy: 0.001A
Power measurement range: 0000.0W~99999.9W Resolution accuracy: 0.1W
Power accumulation range: 00000.00 degrees ~99999.9 degrees (KWh) Resolution accuracy: 0.01 degrees
The total range of electricity charges: 00000.00~42000000.00 $ Resolution accuracy: 0.01 yuan or other countries
Electricity price setting range: 0000.00~9999.99 $ Resolution accuracy: 0.01 yuan or other country
Carbon dioxide range: 000.00~9999.99Kg (KWh*997/1000 5/3 bit switch)
Temperature measurement range: 0~99 degrees Celsius 0~99°C Resolution accuracy: 1 degree Celsius
Standby power consumption: <0.5W~1W
Refresh time: >500mS/time> 500mS/time
Measurement rate: about 0.5 times / sec
Display type: micro-power LCD module LCM black font green backlight Chinese and English display
Product size: 117 x 61 x 38mm
Working temperature: -10~+60 degrees Celsius -10~+60°C
Working humidity: 10~80 (no doubt exposed) 10~80 (no doubt)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa

Package Includes:

1 x AT3010 AC meter
1 x User Manual

Detials Pictures:

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