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[Bluetooth 5.0] TWS True Wireless Earbuds CVC6.0 Noise Cancelling IPX5 Waterproof Stereo Earphone



Name: S9 Bluetooth Headset
Color: black gray, red
Bluetooth version: Realtek 5.0
Transmission distance: 10m
Horn diameter: 8mm
Headphone battery capacity: 50mAh
Charging battery capacity: 450mAh
Material: aluminum alloy + ABS
Listening to the song: about 6 hours
Charging time: 60 minutes
Endurance: 3 times
Packing size: 138*96*54mm
Charging interface: USB (charging bin)
Charging voltage: 5V
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency response range: 20-30khz


– HIFI lossless sound quality, high-pitched, clear bass.
– S9's expressive sound quality, highly restored original sound, a wide range of sound, powerful analytical chip brings you an immersive experience.
– Lasting battery life 30H. Listen to it whenever you want, listen for 1 hour and listen for 5 hours. Charge the battery once and charge it 3 times.
– Sports are fearless. No bondage, no movement. After a hundred tests, I can’t get mad.
– All wear is painless. 360° fit. The ergonomic 30° slant ear design, comfortable ear profile, sound insulation and noise-free, all-day wear painless, so you can immerse yourself in the wonderful music.
– The new 8.0 strong stereo. Say goodbye to the 6.0 mono speaker. Upgrade the 8.0 Electret Strong Stereo Speaker High Fidelity Unit to enhance the listening experience and powerful resolution, achieve fine sound quality, low bass, medium sound, and high-pitched sound.
– CVC6.0 intelligent noise reduction. Don't miss every wonderful note. The S9 automatically recognizes the environment, fades the background sound according to the environmental correction signal, creates a clean atmosphere, and filters the current noise to completely immerse you in pure music.
– A multi-purpose machine. One headset can be connected to one phone and the other can be used separately.
– Waterproof and sweatproof, ipx5 waterproof and dustproof, can be washed and cleaned, no fear of dripping sweat, no fear of exercise.
– Automatic switch machine. When the charging bin is out, the word is automatically paired with Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth is automatically disconnected and charged when entering the charging bin.
– The window is displayed. The status of charging through the window headset is clear at a glance.
– Drop protection. The built-in switch can be extracted by tapping the rear charging compartment.

Package included:

1 x S9 Bluetooth Headset
1 x Charging box

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