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BPI T8606A 1.6V AA / AAA NI-ZN Rechargeable Battery Charger for NIZN Battery 1.6V


1.6V NiZn high voltage batteries are a great alternative to NiMH or NiCd batteries, offering better performance for many high-absorption devices. They are eco-friendly because of their low toxicity and their ability to be recycled easily and cheaply.
Use this handy charger to charge up to 4 x NiZn AA or a mix of AA and AAA NiZn batteries at once. The charger automatically stops charging once the battery has reached full capacity.

• Fully automatic 1.6V AA or AAA NI-ZN battery charger.
• Built-in power switch.
• 2 x independent charging channels with 4 x independent charging circuits.
• Can charge up to 4 AA batteries or 2 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries simultaniously.
• Automatic stop.
• LED lights status indicator.
• Short circuit protection.
• Complies with safety standards EN60335-1 and UL1310.

Input: 100-240V -50 / 60Hz 6W
Output: AA x 1-600mA, AA 4-300mA, AAA x 2-600mA
Max Charging time: 6HR
Note: This charger is only suitable for use with NiZn batteries and 1.6V AA / AAA battery. 

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