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Car 12V Ultrasonic Pest Mouse Rat Animal Repeller


1. Waterproof,eco-friendly, No chemical, no vapor, no odor ,no pulverize , No pollution and no harm to human ,Easy to use and install
2. Multi-purpose – Mainly used to repel rats, also it has some inhibitory effect on cockroach, ant, spider, cricket, bug, flea, moth, etc. Designed for 12V vehicles and other place where a 12 Volt battery is available.
3. Safely repel pests:the vehicle pest repeller effectively uses ultrasonic vibration to make repel pests and animals without killing or seriously injuring them. 
4. Prevent vehicle damage:the vehicle rodent repeller repels destructive animals like mice, moles, chipmunks and martens from causing expensive damage to your vehicle's engine, wheels or interior.
5. Self-charging system:the serene-life vehicle rodent repellent is self-powered using your car's battery connection, with a power consumption level of 15mah and car voltage requirement of 12v.


Operation voltage: 12V DC
Frequency: 12-24kHz                                                                                                     
Display: LED indication                                                                                                                                                                  
Size: 116x65x29mm
Application: The device is suitable for using in car, house,garage, etc

How does it work:
This device is supplied with mounting and wiring hardware to connect to the car’s electrical circuit. There are two cables. The red cable should be clamped to the positive electrode and the black cable be clamped to the cathode. 

Package Included:
1 X Car Mouse Repeller

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