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Cutting Line Knifeless Tape Vinyl Wrap Trim Tool Finish Pinstripe 50m for Car Film Sticker

– An ideal tool for pin striping, grids and specialty graphics.
– Removable and respositionable without leaving residue!
– This product is flexible, easy to use and perfectly suited to decorative or graphic wrap projects. 
– Translucent tape so you can see exactly where your line is and reposition the cut line as needed.
– Strong enough to create a clean, solid cut while still flexible enough to con tour even elaborate designs.
– Trim your wraps Faster, Easier and Safer, create racking stripes and much more, Never risk cutting into a vehicles paint again.

Type: Design Line

Length: 50m
Material: PVC
Application: Create striping, accents and designs that rival with a plotter
How To Use: 
1. Lay the flexible tape down on the wrap surface in the desired formation, straight or curved lines. 
2. With the tape still on the surface, wrap it in your desired vinyl. Be sure that the end of the tape is not covered. 
3. Take firm hold of the fibre and pull it up through the vinyl and you're done!
Package Included:
1 x 50m Cutting Line Tape

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