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CYLION Universal Car Motorcycle Bicycle Foot Air Pump

1. Two-cylinder foot, high pressure rush.
2. Retractable, lightweight folding, no space.
3. One piece plastic non-slip. Stable foot, not easy to slide.

4. Alloy material bracket, firmer, engineering plastic interface.

5. Bold high pressure parallel bars, air pressure, easier to pump.
6. High-elastic spring, resilience, durable and easier, saving time and effort.
7. The interface is stronger, the toughness is strong, and it is not easy to leak.
8. Equipped with high pressure barometer, you can see the air pressure in real time when you pump.
Model: Foot Double Cylinder Pump
Material: Steel + Engineering Plastic
Colour: Black
Gas Belt: 72cm
Size: 28*12*21.2cm
Weight: 1.8kg

Package Included:
1 X CYLION Air Pump

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