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DC12V 10-30M 1CH Wireless Relay Switch 315MHz/433MHz Electrical Remote Control Switch Receiver Board

The wireless receiving controller has the characteristics of high confidentiality, stable performance, low power consumption, and is convenient to use, and does not need to adopt traditional jumper or dial switch coding, and only needs to transmit the wireless signal transmitted by the remote controller to the receiving controller. Receive and store, you can use it. The controller can learn a number of different coded remote controls (such as 2262, 1527, etc.). With the working indicator light, the receiver is in the on state indicator light, which can clearly show the working state of the receiver. It can make the equipment to be controlled, the motor reach the switching or on-off conversion and various special control procedures. Mainly used in electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, gateways, lifts, industrial control and security industries.
Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC12V (or 24V need to be customized)
Working current: ≤6mA
Working temperature: -20 ° C – +60 ° C
Receiving frequency: 315MHz 433MHz, etc.
Receive sensitivity: -105Db
Output voltage: AC, DC optional
Output current: ≤10A
Size: 50×32.8x15mm
Output Method:
A, the signal is self-locking – the short circuit is inserted into 2-3
B, signal interlock – the short circuit is inserted into 1-2
C, signal jog – short circuit is vacant, not shorted
Interlock: Press the corresponding button of the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned on, and then press another remote control button; the relay is disconnected.
Non-lock, jog: press the remote control button, the corresponding relay is turned on, release the remote control button; the corresponding relay is disconnected.
Self-locking: Press the remote control button once, the relay is turned on, press the remote control button again, the relay is disconnected.
Study Method:
1. Press the learning button once, the learning indicator lights to enter the learning state, press any button on the remote control to transmit the signal, and the indicator light is off for 1 second, indicating that the learning is successful.
  (Hint: ★ This controller can learn multiple remote controllers with different codes. If it is exceeded, the first one will be cleared automatically.)
2. Clear code method: Press and hold the learning button, 8S or so, the indicator light is turned on and off. At this time, pressing the remote control receiving switch has no response, indicating that the clearing code is successful.
Package Included:
1 x 315MHz/433MHz Remote Control Switch

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