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DIY D2-2 Smart Tracking Car Kit 51 Single-chip Linear Car AT89C2051 Patrol Car Kit


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                  Kit Name: D2-2 Smart Tracking Car Kit
                  Dimensions: 108*74mm
                  Board material: single side 1.6mm FR-4 sheet
                  Supply voltage: 5V
                  Number of LEDs: 2 piece 3mm Green LEDs
                  1. Printed on the PCB with various components silk screen marks, please refer to the silk screen mark soldering
                  2. The resistance is not divided, but there are different resistance values. Please pay attention to distinguish when soldering
                  3. Electrolytic capacitor, LED is divided into positive and negative poles, long legs are +, short legs are –
                  4. When connecting the power cord to the terminal block, pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative poles, do not reverse.
                  Package included:
                  4 x 1k ohm resistor(R10-R13)
                  4 x 10k ohm resistor(R1-R3)
                  2 x 5.1k ohm resistor(R4,R5)
                  2 x 510 ohm resistor(R8,R9)
                  3 x 104p ceramic capacitor(C1-C3)
                  2 x 30p ceramic capacitor(C6,C7)
                  2 x 8550 transistor(Q1,Q2)
                  2 x 10k potentiometer(R6,R7)
                  1 x 10uF capacitor(C4)
                  1 x 100uF capacitor(C5)
                  1 x 20p pin(J1-J5,Need to be separated)
                  1 x 6mhz crystal(Y1)
                  2 x 3mm green LED(D1,D2)
                  2  x 5mm black Infrared receiver tube
                  2 x 5mm transparent Infrared emission tube
                  1 x 89C2051 IC(U1)
                  1 x LM393 IC(U2)
                  1 x 8p IC socket
                  1 x 20p IC socket
                  1 x switch(S1)
                  1 x AA battery socket
                  1 x PCB board
                  2 x JD3-100 motor
                  2 x wheel
                  2 x Silicone tire
                  2 x wheel screw
                  2 x M2.2*7 screw
                  1 x M5*30 Universal wheel screw
                  1 x M5 Universal wheel
                  2 x wire

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