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Ethernet to OBD For BMW F Series ENET Diagnostic Cable E-SYS ICOM 2 Coding Without CD ESYS ICOM Coding Tool


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                  Product features:

                  One can hide modules or program single module

                  1. Lock unlock sound confirmation ( to prevent radio interference, add sound to confirm car locked when turn
                  light confirmation inconvenient. This is setup in cic)
                  2. Can operate the navigation menu including watching dvd when driving( for driving safety. Let the side driver
                  operate the navigation menu )
                  3. Display engine output and torque meter ( purely fun, look engine output )
                  4. Cancel confirmation screen big screen boot delay
                  5. Open the voice recognition function
                  6. Three kind of bluetooth phone ringtones ( personality only )
                  7. Increasing the cic memory address to 50

                  8. The glass automatically rise to the top process is not terminated by the car door ( easy to get off to close the
                  window waiting )
                  9. The digital speed display ( fun only )
                  10. Air-conditioned memory of the last off state ( without air conditioning season is more convenient )
                  11. Indoor cycling memories of the last time the state when engine off
                  12. A-pillar electric tailgate buttons and remote control a key to close the power tailgate. At any time terminate
                   the reverse operation ( turn off 15 minutes or more reset )

                  13. Increasing s hift paddles
                  14. The small screen to the large-screen display modify

                  15. Pdc display vertical and horizontal
                  16. Disable the seat belt status display – passenger seat
                  17. Disable the seat belt status display – driver seat
                  18. Disable seat belt reminder mistake ! The link is invalid. Device – passenger seat
                  19. Disable seat belt reminder – driving position
                  20. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts – passenger seat
                  21. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts – driving position
                  22. Intersection vehicle h igh beam automatic control ( no condition tested. Do not know if it is valid )
                  23. Angel eyes open and cancel functions
                  24 turn off the engine start-stop function turned on by default
                  25, gps time synchronization
                  26. Foot open the back cover
                  27. Ds show s1-s7 selection
                  28. Active sports gearbox program sport +
                  29. Single microphone settings
                  30. Engine off automatically unlock

                  31. Internet applications
                  32. Armrest usb playback vide

                  33. The maximum distance disable front camera view

                  34. The maximum distance to disable the rear camera view
                  35. Maximum speed disable front camera view

                  36. The maximum speed to disable the rear camera view

                  Brush Manual:

                  Computer system is best to use Win XP or Win 7 32 bit

                  V50.2 Extracting passwords: SQnd$CXL PIN: 2670

                  V50.3 Extracting passwords: E*G@rqVa PIN: 2670

                  1. Unzip"For BMW323 (E-sys Brush software)" to D: (Must)

                  2. Any unzip "psdzdata1~30 part"  In a file to D:

                  For BMW323 DATA (Must)

                  3.After completion of the above steps, Send the program shortcuts to the desktop.

                  Double-click to run the Brush software program.

                  First line into the OBD port pilots left knee, bottom left (required fingernail to pull open

                  the cover with OBD logo) when the note D-head in the direction, X3 1 are located on

                  left foot . ENET line crystal head into the computer, XP TCPIp local connection will

                  automatically get address; does not turn on the car power brakes, no need to open the

                  engine, connect the data cable after (this time must be patient to wait one to two

                  minutes automatically find a local network addresses, and so there is no success on

                  the connection), point software Connection logo.

                  Open the E-SYS software or ZGW_SEARCH.exe software read frame number,

                  according to point connection Button, and then the two little computer icon icon


                  becomes the middle there is a red cross on the connection is successful!!

                  Even the computer is not connected to the car after the successful generally have the

                  following situations:

                  (1) The computer's IP address is not local connection is set to Automatic, if set into a

                  fixed IP address Rom drive Son;

                  (2) The car did not open or even the power of the car did not wait to find the IP address;

                  or because the local connection and a wireless connection from Conflict! There will be

                  a part of the car suddenly Rom or have been connected to it out of the red cross, but

                  can not read the car Data, there C060 Error, this problem can be locked car like ten

                  minutes, restart your computer to reconnect the Solve this problem;

                  (3) Open the software did not choose to have their own chassis number of the last part

                  of the (Click on the image selection);

                  (4) WIN7 computer system is not compatible with XP SP3 running ZGW_SEARCH

                  software, or software without In the administrator mode;

                  (5) Such as the generation of local connection has limited, as long as the normal reading frame number does not affect use;

                  (6) Cable damage during transport. Such as determining the cord is damaged, please

                  contact the seller! ! Brush remember not j ust mobile computers and cables! ! !

                  Do not start Brush antivirus and firewall otherwise PSDZ error, and not to open extra



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