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FNB28 Current And Voltage Meter USB Tester QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/SCP/AFC Fast Charging Protocol Trigger Capacity Test


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                  1. One-button detection fast charge protocol
                  2. Chinese and English switching
                  3. Switch display direction
                  4. QC2.0/3.0
                  5. Built-in 12-bit ADC chip
                  6. Huawei FCP/SCP Sam sung AFC
                  General inspection peripheral products
                  1. Mobile phone 2. Mobile power
                  3. Charger 4. Car Charger 5. Data line
                  6. Electronic component 7. Laptop
                  Multiple data display on one screen
                  1. Screen flip
                   2.Data storage
                   3. Fast charge recognition
                  4.Energy capacity detection / intelligent record
                  5.Pre cision measurement
                  6. Standby brightness
                  7.Chinese and English interface
                  8.Wide voltage low internal resistance
                  9. Fast charge
                  10.Free drive upper machine upgrade
                  Product Pre cision:
                  bit accuracy measurement is more accurate
                  Power/capacity record (no power loss)
                  1.4 group capacity / power data record
                  2. Histogram / list for easy comparison of data
                  3. Controllable recording switch, automatic recording (can set threshold) or manual recording
                  4. Optional recording time, that is, recording for a period of time (can be set, for example, one hour),automatically stop recording.
                  5. Can set the recording time interval, such as saving 1 time / second or 1 time / 2 seconds
                  In the automatic mode, it is not possible to start or pause  recording by pressing the button, but when the current ≥ recording current threshold, it is automatically recorded;
                  In manual mode, you can start/pause recording by clicking the K1 button, and the recording current threshold at this time does not work.
                  In the above two modes, the recording time can be set. For example, if it is set to 1 hour, the recording time will not be recorded after the recording time reaches 1 hour. To continue recording, clear the data.

                  Capacity, power record interface


                  A:Voltage measurement

                  B:Current measurement

                  C:Power measurement

                  D:Electricity measurement

                  E:Capacity measurement

                  F:Capacity/charge group code 1 ~ 4

                  G:Boot time

                  H:Recorded time

                  I:Current direction

                  J:Record progress/pause indication

                  Functional description of this interface:

                  1. Click K2 to turn the page;

                  2. Click the K1 button and the system settings can set the capacity/power record to start manually or automatically.

                  When manual: Click K1 to start/pause recording;

                  Automatic: Click K1 to not respond;

                  3. Press and hold K1 to clear the currently selected group data to 0.

                  4. long press K2, you can switch to the histogram / table interface.

                  Column chart                Table Interface

                  Histogram / Table Interface:




                  The capacity and power are expressed in two colors, the unit is as follows, the measurement length is 65 units, and the calculation formula is as follows


                  Red: x, unit: 200mAh;

                  Yellow: y, unit: 2000/65=30.76mAh;

                  Capacity: =2000*x + 3.07 * y(Wh)


                  Blue: x, unit: 200Wh;

                  Green: y, unit: 200/65 = 3.07Wh

                  Electricity = 200 * x + 3.07 * y (Wh)

                  Form interface:

                  The data of each group can be directly compared according to the data value;

                  Functional description of this interface:

                  1. Click K1: p o p-up data clear window. Press K1/K2 to clear the current selected group data to 0/cancel.

                  2. Click K2: Switch group;

                  3. Long press K2: Histogram/table interface switch;

                  4. Long press K1: return to the capacity/power record interface

                  ​Protocol triggering and detection interface:




                  Fast charging protocols that support detection and triggering are:

                  1,QC2.0 5V/9V/12V/20V


                  3,Huawei FCP 9V;

                  4,Huawei SCP;

                  5,Sam sung AFC 9V

                  Functional description of this interface:

                  1. When no trigger or detection is performed: Click K1/K2 to turn the page for triggering: Select the protocol/trigger type

                  2. Long press K1: Exit the corresponding detection/trigger interface;

                  3. Press and hold K2: Enter/confirm the corresponding detection/transmission interface.


                  Fast charge recognition interface:


                  Functional description of this interface: Click K1/K2 to turn pages

                  A:Voltage measurement

                  B:Current measurement

                  C:Power measurement

                  D:Fast charge protocol identification form

                  E:Temperature measurement

                  F/G:D+/D- measurement



                  Close-up interface:


                  This interface displays the voltage, circuit, power, impedance and other parameters in uppercase, no special operation, K1/K2 button page turning


                  System parameter setting interface:


                  This interface shows:

                  1. System firmware version;

                  2. Product serial number;

                  3. Current running times of the device;

                  4. User can set parameters

                  Table is settable parameters


                  Functional description of this interface:

                  1. Non-setting sta tus: Click K1/K2 to turn pages (non-selected state); setting sta tus: click K1/K2 to change parameters

                  2. Long press K1: Cancel / exit current settings

                  3. Long press K2: confirm setting current parameter

                  Product index




                  1.Please do not connect more than 24V power to the USB tester.

                  2.When using the fast charge trigger function, please do not connect to various USB appliances. Applying high voltage when triggering may cause the equipment to burn or even catch fire.


                  Please pay attention to the latest firmware: 




                  Firmware upgrade:



                  1. Open the FNIRSI firmware upgrade tool
                  2. Press and hold the OK button to access the USB-A interface and enter the firmware upgrade mode. Open the latest firmware and click Start to update.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x FNB28 Current And Voltage Meter

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