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Geekcreit® Multicolor Digital Tube Multifunctional DIY Clock Kit with Different Backlight


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                  This DIY clock kit uses red and green color special white digital tubes. The Red LED Square can be used as the Seconds Move. The Green Digital part displays Time, Temperature, Date and Day of the Week. At the same time, there are three optional colors of Yellow, Blue or White for backlight effect and blinking hints on the inside and back, and multiple backlight effects are built in.What's more, the digital tube has a variety of switching animation effects to choose from, as well as more than a dozen functions such as Alarm Clock, Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Time Signal, Hour Change animation, Countdown and Stopwatch, so that simple clock DIY is no longer boring.
                  Manual: Click here.


                  Display time with special color mixing LED digital tube;
                  Using DS1307 clock chip with high precision crystal oscillator to provide accurate time, can be put into CR1220 backup battery to prevent loss of time data when power off;
                  Five switching animation effects are available, which can display the Time, Temperature, Date and Day of the Week.
                  The time can be set to 12 or 24 hours, the temperature can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the date can be displayed in different formats.
                  Can be set to alternately display the Time with "Hour:Minute" and "Second".
                  One Alarm Clock,with backlight LED and Beep remind, press any button to stop the alarm clock.
                  4 backlight LED effects are available.
                  Backlight color: White, Orange, Blue
                  16 levels of brightness adjustment. In addition, the brightness can be adjusted automatically according to the ambient light.
                  You can select how often to switch the time, temperature, date and day of the week.
                  Five kinds of Red LED Cube Moving effects are optional.
                  Time update animation effect.
                  You can turn on the "wake-up" function, and press any button to display all the information, and then automatically turn off the display.
                  Three mid-point "colon" walking effects are optional.
                  Countdown function: After setting the minutes and seconds, there will be LED flashing and buzzer beep when the time reaches.
                  Stopwatch function with time accuracy of 0.01 seconds.
                  Transparent acrylic front and rear shell.
                  A total of 16 menu setting functions, power-down memory menu setting parameters;
                  USB DC 5V voltage power supply;
                  Overall dimensions: 87mm x 27mm x 21mm;

                  1. Press and hold the setting button (Left) for about 1.5 seconds to enter or exit the menu;
                  2. Short press the switch key (Right) to switch between: (Set Time)-(Set Date)-(Set Alarm)-(Set LED Mode)-(Set Brightness)- (Set Information Switching Duration)-(Set Format)-(Set Led Cube Move)-(Set Time Signal)-(Set Time Digital Transition Effect)-(Set Information Display Switching Animation Animation)-(Set Countdown)-(Enable Key Wakeup)-(Set Mid-point "Colon" Effect)-(Turn on the seconds display)- (Stopwatch Function).

                  Parameter Settings:

                  1. Time (Set Time): change the flashing parameter value by the switch key (Right), and confirm the change by setting key (Left);
                  2. Date (Set Date): The modification sequence is: year-month-day;
                  3. Set Alarm: ON- Turn on the alarm and enter the alarm time setting; OFF- Turn off the alarm
                  4. LED effect (Set LED-Mode): 0-turn off the backlight; 1-always on; 2-key light; 3-breathing mode; 4-candle light mode;
                  5. Brightness (Set Brightness): level: 1-16- (1-16 brightness); Auto- automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment;
                  6. Set Switching Duration: 0-only time display; 1-switch once in 10 seconds; 2-switch once in 30 seconds;3-switch once in one minute; 4-switch once in 2 minutes; 5-switch once in 10 minutes;
                  7. Display Format (Set Format): The switch (Right) switches the three format settings [Time Format-Date Format-Temp Format].
                  Time Format: 24-Hour (24-hour mode); 12-Hour (12-hour mode).
                  Date Format: Month.Date: month-day mode; Date.Month: day-month mode.
                  Temp Format: Centigrade / .C-Celsius; Fahrenheit / .F-Fahrenheit;
                  8. LED Cube Move mode: 0-turn off the LED square; 1-LED square are all light up; 2-second moves one square; 3-6 seconds moves one square; 4- reverse color one Grid; 5-one circle per second;
                  9. Set Time Signal: Set key (Right) to switch the built-in option settings [Remind Range-Remind Way-Remind Interval].
                  Remind Range: Enter the reminder start time (inclusive) and reminder end time (not included). [Note] 00-00 (never remind); 00-24 (24-hour remind).
                  Remind Way: Both- (LED flashing + buzzer); LED- (LED only); Sound- (buzzer only).
                  Remind Interval: Every 15 Minutes (reminded every 15 minutes); Every 30 Minutes (reminded every 30 minutes); Every Hour (reminded every one hour); Every 2 Hours (every two Remind every hour).
                  10. Time Digital Transition Effect: OFF- no transition effect; 1M- transition effect every minute; 5M- transition effect every 5 minutes; 10M- transition effect every 10 minutes; 15M- every 15 minutes One conversion effect; 30M- one conversion effect every 30 minutes; 1h- one hour conversion effect;
                  11. Set Information Display Switching Animation: 0-Direct change; 1-Rotate animation; 2-Up and down switching animation; 3-Left and right page turning animation; 4-Up and down closing animation; 5-Blinking;
                  12. Set Countdown: Enter the minutes and seconds, press the set button (Left) to start the countdown, the end of the countdown LED flashes and the buzzer beep remind, press any button to exit the countdown; 99 minutes and 59 seconds)
                  13. Enable Key Wakeup: OFF-Off; ON-On; (Any message is displayed once after any key is turned on)
                  14. Set Mid-point "Colon" Effect: 0-no "colon"; 1-always on; 2-one-second flashing; 3-up-down flashing;
                  15. Turn on the seconds display: OFF-turn off the seconds display; ON-turn on the seconds display;
                  16. Stopwatch function-(Stop Watch): Press the set key (Left) to exit the stopwatch function; each press of the switch key (Right) functions as: Start-Stop-Clear; (Note: Lights up an Red LED Square after every minute, stopwatch maximum time: 10 minutes and 59.99 seconds)

                  Package included:

                  1 x Multicolor Digital Tube Multifunctional DIY Clock Kit(battery not included)

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