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GH305C Toggle Clamp BRH 500 Lbs 32mm Plunger 227Kg Holding Capacity Push Pull


Name:Toggle Clamp
Type: Horizontal
Handle Opens Angle: 60°
Bar Opens Angle: 125.7°
Holding Capacity: 227kg/ 500Lbs
Hole Dia: 2.5cm
Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber Cushion
* Ideal for quickly holding down sheet metal or circuit boards, for
  machine operation, welding, mould, electronic equipment
  assembly,etc field.
* During clamping, the lever is controlled to prevent impact on
  functioning due to side thrust.
* Side Mount hold-down toggle clamp, U-shaped clamping bar.
* Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation.
* Oil and Stain resistant red vinyl hand grips.
Package included
1 X Toggle Clamp

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