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HEPA Filter Side Brushes Cleaner Accessories For Neato Botvac D Series Robot Vacuum Parts

Type: Replacement filters for Neato Botvac D Series 
Material: ABS, Nylon
Color: Black
5-armed Side Brush Diameter: app. 65mm / 2.56 Inch
Filter Size: app. 54x23x20mm / 2.13×0.91×0.79 Inch
– Clean brushes keep your home robot delivering top performance.
– Side brushes are easy to remove and replace as part of routine maintenance.
– Compatible with model: Item for Neato Botvac D Series..
– Replacement filters for Neato Botvac D Series only.
- The replacement accessories for all Neato BotVac series For Neato BotVac series, 70e, 75, 80, 85,Neato BotVac D series D5, D3, D75, D80, D85,and BotVac connected robot vacuums
Package Included:
5x Filters
5x 5-armed side brushes 


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