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High Power MOS Tube DC Motor Driver Module L298N/H Bridge Drive / Support PWM PPM Signal


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                  – Support PWM signal, analog signal, PPM signal control.
                  – Rated power supply voltage: 5V-40V.
                  – Limit voltage range: 4.8V – 48V.
                  – The power supply voltage is 12V, 10A continuous current working temperature rise is small and 15 degrees (25°C room temperature ring)
                  – Select among the five working modes by the DIP switch.
                  – Support for high frequency PWM signals
                  – 100% duty cycle PWM signal input in PWM mode.
                  – Can withstand large transient currents (180A/10ms) when the DC motor starts and stops.
                  – In the PPM signal and analog signal control modes, the PWM frequency is 15.5KHz.
                  – MOS tube rated parameters are: 75A / 60V / NMOS.
                  – Four layers of PCB, good thermal and heat dissipation, with adhesive heat sink, users can post according to their needs
                  Questions and Answers:
                  1. Q: How high is the PWM frequency supported by the module?
                  A: In the 25 °C environment, it is recommended that the PWM frequency be no higher than 150KHz to control the switching loss of the MOS transistor. The output waveform and rising edge, falling edge, and input/output delay test waveforms of the driver module at different PWM frequencies are provided below for reference.
                  2. Q: Will changing the working mode change when the DIP switch is changed during work?
                  A: No, the working mode is the new setting mode after power-on.
                  3. Q: What model is the MOS tube?
                  Answer: The MOS tube is NCE6075K. Each bridge arm of the H bridge uses two MOSs in parallel.
                  4. Q: Is the circuit schematic and layout available?
                  A: The schematic and layout of the circuit are not provided by the ZR5002 module.
                  5. Q: How much power can I drive?
                  A: According to the safe work area icon, the maximum current when the power supply voltage is 23V is 20A, because
                  This maximum output power is 460W.
                  6. Q: In PWM mode, when the input signal is 100% duty cycle, is the output duty cycle also 100%?
                  A: No. In PWM mode, the maximum output duty cycle is 99.7% when the input signal duty cycle is 100%. When the input duty cycle is small and 99.7%, the output duty cycle is the same as the input duty cycle.
                  7. Q: When using the analog control method, how many potentiometers should I use when connecting the potentiometer?
                  A: Potentiometers between 4.7K and 220K can be used.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x High Power MOS Tube DC Motor Drive Module

                  Click to download document: MOS Tube DC Motor Drive Module

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