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Hobby Porter FR810 8CH Advanced Fixed Wing Flight Controller with GPS and Frsky Compatible Receiver Built In


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                  The FR810 is an 8-channel flight controller with GPS and a built in Frsky D8R compatible receiver. The Fr810 is designed from the ground up to be a fixed wing flight control with many advanced functions. The Flight control can be easily and quickly programmed on the b'ench or in the field with the included programming card. The FR810 features a 6 a.xis flight stabilization system comprised of a 3 a'xis G.yro and 3 a'xis accelerometer. The combination of these two sensors and the GPS allows for more advance flight control algorithms such as "hand launch" mode where the model will detect a hand launch and activate the power to the motor once the model has safely left the p'ilots hands. The FR810 also features Geo-fencing, return to home and return and loiter functionality.
                  The advanced flight control algorithms allow for fine user input to maintain an in-control-fell and not over power the users experiencing creating a model that feels like it has to be fought with to control. The FR810 is also capable of one-key-rescue mode which when activated can return the model from any attitude back to stable flight.
                  Whether you are training and learning how to fly or flying complex FPV craft the FR810 will suit your needs.
                  1. Application frequency: 2.40GHz – 2.48GHz
                  2. Application Protocol: Compatible with D8R open source protocol
                  3. Application Technology: 2.4G full frequency ACCST frequency hopping technology
                  4. Communication distance: >800 meters
                  5. Power Source: 3.3V – 7.4V
                  6. Size: Receiver 47mm*27mm*12mm / GPS 29mm*28mm*8mm
                  7. Weight: Receiver 9.8g / GPS 9g
                  8. Ch1 Aileron, Ch2 Elevator, Ch3 Throttle, Ch4 Rudder
                  Product Features:
                  1. Supports M6 Pro LED parameter setting card to facilitate field debugging.
                  2. Integrated 6-a'xis digital gyroscope, high-p.recision 3-a'xis accelerometer, 3-a'xis digital gyroscope, AESM6 system can help the aircraft fly steadily, AESM6 is a new generation of gyr.o control method which can automatically adjust the attitude in flight, both the gyroscope's stabilizing function and the’s attitude locking function combine perfectly to stabilize the attitude of the aircraft, but it does not affect the control and makes the flight smoother.
                  3. The new GPS control algorithm can help the aircraft not to fly out of the safe (AKA Geo-fencing), and realize intelligent control functions such as manual throws, automatic return home beyond the flight distance, and automatic height hovering above launch site.
                  4. GPS auxiliary function: If you have connected and setup the GPS correctly and the aircraft is flying in balance function mode and the flying height is greater than approximately 16 meters, the user can cease joystick input for 6-9 seconds to allow the GPS and FC tol automatically take over the flight. In this mode the craft will maintain the current heading, keep your preset altitude and continue in automatic flight, when you exceed the preset safety distance the craft will automatically return and hover until the user gives stick inputs again which will disable the auto function and return manual control to the pil.ot.
                  5. Airplane type mode: Supports a variety of fixed-wing, flying-wing, V-tail, within the receiver. Please note that the remote controller can maintain ordinary fixed-wing mode, multi-stage filtering algorithm is applicable to various model.

                  Package included:
                  1 x Hobby Porter FR810 8CH 6 a'xis Advanced Fixed Wing Flight Controller with GPS and Frsky Compatible Receiver Built In

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