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HSC-2000 4.8A Type-c Dual USB Aluminum Alloy Car Charger

1. Safer Driving: Type-c interface supports positive and negative inserts.
2. Faster Charging: 4.8A high current, higher output rate and higher conversion rate.
3. Currency: 12-24V wide voltage smart load, compatible with most commercial vehicles.
4. Dual USB+Type-c: 2 USB intelligent quick charging while supporting Type-c interface for fast charging.
5. Alternating Display Real-time Monitoring: Real time display of battery voltage without connecting charging device.
6. Integrated Fuselage: Fine workmanship, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature and long service life.
7. Voltage Number Shows Visible Safety: Real time monitoring and real-time display of battery voltage, escorting the car.
8. Precise Buckle: Manganese steel masterial, strong bite, close tight, no fear of pit strong earthquake, easy to plug and not effortless.
9. Intelligent Recognition: Intelligent detection output port automatic matching better current, current output more secure, stable and efficient.
10. Intelligent Security Protection Chip: 7 repeat combined protection provides safety guarantee in all directions, escort for charging safety, and care more attentive.
11. Compatible: Fully compatibla with mobile phone, tablet, traffic recorder, digital camera, PSP game player. MP3 player, bluetooth headset and other terminal devices. Three simultaneous charging.

Brand: HSC
Total Current: 4.8A
USB 1: 2.4A MAX
USB 2: 2.4A MAX
Type-c: 3A MAX
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V
USB Output Voltage: DC 5.0V
Working Temperature: -20-40
Size: 30*84*49mm

Package Included:
1 X HSC-2000 Car Charger


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