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HT106B UK Plug Socket Outlet Tester Circuit Polarity Voltage Detector Wall Plug Breaker Finder RCD Test + Winpeak ET8900 Non-contact Voltage Tester Pen


Socket Tester:
Socket tester is mainly used for power socket wiring detection and RCD test. It can detect the wiring status of the socket quickly and accurately. With LCD, it can also measure the voltage of the socket and display it.

Voltage Tester pen:
Double Range Testing
LCD flashlight
Adjustable Sensibility
Non-contact Tip
Breakpoint Checking
Live wire measurement
Full wire measurement
Auto power off
Auto indication
Red and Green Double color Backlight


Socket Tester:

♦ operating voltage: 48~250V/45~65Hz
♦ Measure voltage (with LCD): 48~250V/45~65Hz
♦ accuracy:± (2.0%+2)
♦ operating temperature: 0°C~40°C
♦ operating Humidity: 20%~75%RH
♦ Storage temperature: -10°C~50°C
♦ Storage Humidity: 20%~80%RH
♦ Altitude: ≤2000m
♦ RCD test: >30mA
♦ RCD working voltage: 220V±20V
♦ GFCI test: >5mA
♦ GFCI working voltage: 110V±20V

Voltage Tester pen:

Display Bargraph
Range of voltage detection high sensitivity: AC12~1000V ; Low sensitivity: AC48~1000V
frequency 50/60Hz
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm
Probe shape Prolate shape
Backlight Red and green double color backlight
Live and Neutral According to backlight color change: green is neutral wire; red is live wire.
Signal intensity display Four level sensitivity of bargraph
Signal intensity indication method sound from slow to fast ; backlight from green to red ; bargraph from low to high
Flashlight No operation, no sensing signal will shut down automatically in about 3 minutes.
Auto power off No operation, no sensing signal will shut down automatically in about 3 minutes.
Low-battery indication
Power Supply 2×1.5V AAA batteries(not included)
Weight Approx. 45g
Size 155mm x 20mm x 20mm
Safety rating EN61010-1,-2-030 ; EN61326-1 , CAT III 1000V

Package Included:

1 x UK Plug Socket Tester
1 x English User Manual
1 x ET8900 Non-contact Voltage Tester pen(batteries not incluced)

Detail Pictures:



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