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Infrared IR Wireless Remote Controller Module Kits DIY Kit HX1838 for Arduino Raspberry Pi


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                  Latest infrared wireless remote control kit consists Mini Slim 38KHz IR remote control and infrared receiver modules, Mini Slim infrared remote control with 17 function keys, firing distances of up to 8 meters, ideal for a variety of devices in the control room. IR receiver module can receive standard 38KHz modulation remote control signal, through programming, you can achieve remote control signal decoding operation, which can produce a variety of remote control robots and interactive works.


                  • Transmission Distance: 8m above (specific and surroundings, the receiver sensitivity and other factors)
                  • Effective angle: 60 degrees
                  • Sticking Material: 0.125mmPET, the effective life of 20,000 times.
                  • Quiescent current 3-5uA, dynamic current 3-5mA.


                  Step 1: Assemble Circuit:



                  You will need one Arduino for this. I used a UNO, but just about any Arduino should work. First wire up the infrared receiver that came with your kit. There are 3 wires, PWR, GND, and SIG, I used port 11 for SIG. Note! some readers have reported that their sensor has different wiring, double check it yourself.


                  Step 2: Download IR Library



                  In order to reverse engineer the remote and obtain the codes for each button we are going to need to download and install the following library.


                  Extract the file in your libraries directory. e.g.  ( C:electronicsarduino-1.0.5libraries )
                  note: I had to rename the library because the name was too long, I just renamed it to IR.

                  Step 3: Add Library to sketch



                  With the IR folder ( or whatever you named it) now in your libraries directory, we can import it into a new sketch.

                  Start a new sketch and the Click  

                          Sketch->Import Library->IR.

                  Step 4: Paste Code and compile

                  Paste the following code into the new sketch. Then verify it compiles.

                  #include <IRemote.h>

                  int RECV_PIN = 11;

                  IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);

                  decode_results results;


                  void setup()



                    irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver



                  void loop()


                    if (irrecv.decode(&results))


                       Serial.println(results.value, HEX);

                       irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value



                  Step 5: Open the serial monitor



                  Connect the Arduino to your computer using the usb port, then upload the sketch. Open up the Serial Monitor, get the remote and press the buttons. Some hex codes should appear on the Serial Monitor.

                  Step 6: Record button codes

                    Step 7: Works on any remote!

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