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KB401 Nuclear Radiation Detector Tester Geiger Counter Professional 131X Ionizing Radiation Household Rental Marble Nuclear Radiation Detection


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                  Welcome to use this product, the Airbus nuclear radiation detector is a nuclear radiation detector for the Geiger-Miller counter. The radiation intensity is converted by detecting the counter value per unit time. The products are used to detect beta particles, X-rays, and gamma rays. Used for home protection, general medical protection, pollution detection, etc.
                  It can be tested by turning it on, no need to operate, measuring data every 15 seconds, waiting for 60 seconds, you can get the most stable value. easy to use!
                  special function

                  Cumulative DOES function
                  Fast graphic display
                  Real-time prompt function
                  The product comes with a cover tube to scream, so that you can quickly determine the radiation intensity according to the frequency without taking out the instrument.
                  product features
                  Reliable: It has a number of protection designs to detect abnormal conditions of the equipment. If the Geiger tube is damaged, it will prompt ERROR.
                  Sensitive: Compared to detectors using semiconductor scintillators, Geiger tube detectors are more sensitive and can effectively avoid the effects of electromagnetic interference.
                  Function: It has the prompt sound of the Geiger tube bombardment, and each time the gas in the tube is stimulated to generate a pulse current, a beep will sound. Through the frequency of the sound, the user can intuitively feel the intensity of the radiation. Usually the background frequency in the environment is 24 times to 30 times per minute.
                  Quality: High-quality machine work, fast charging, production in a lead-free process, compact and easy to carry.
                  The product is equipped with a micro-sized high-voltage module with a voltage of up to 400V. The high voltage is used to maintain the normal operation of the Geiger tube detector. For safety reasons, do not open the casing under the power-on state. It is forbidden to touch the metal contacts on both ends of the internal exposed Geiger tube when the device is turned on. To avoid accidents. If the product is damaged, please contact the manufacturer in time.
                  Basic parameters
                  Product model: KB4011
                  Detecting ray type: γ, X, hard beta ray
                  Detector: Energy compensated GM tube (Geiger counter)
                  Dose equivalent rate: 0.00~1000uSv/h
                  Energy range: 48keV~1.5MeV (<±30%)
                  Inherent error: <±18%
                  Sensitivity: 80CPM/uSv/h (Co-60)
                  Dose rate unit: uSv/h, cps, cpm
                  Battery type: lithium polymer
                  Battery capacity: 1200mAh
                  Input parameters: 5V 1A
                  Power connector: microUSB
                  Dimensions and weight: 0.3kg: 135*70*25mm

                  Test Methods:
                  Bring the product close to the object to be tested, refresh the data every 15 seconds (1 cycle), wait 60 seconds (after 4 cycles), the value is close to stable. The reading can be stabilized. If you turn on the "Gaige tube popping" prompt, you can intuitively feel the radiation by judging the frequency of the bombardment sound. Under the background value, it will be normal for 25~34 times in one minute.
                  Charging use:
                  Micro USB is rechargeable and compatible with 1A~2.5A mobile phone heads.
                  Full of battery life for 24 hours, 1.5 hours full.
                  Key Function:
                  Switch on and off, press and hold button number 2.
                  Backlight, press button number 1
                  Geiger sound, press 3

                  KB401 Nuclear Radiation Detector Tester Geiger Counter Professional 131X Ionizing Radiation Household Rental Marble Nuclear Radiation Detection

                  Package Includes:

                  1 x  KB401 Nuclear Radiation Detector

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