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KCASA 4-Modes Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Animal Repeller Rechargeable Cat Pest Fox Bird Sensor Outdoor Repellent


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                  – In the front 110° sector, within 6-8 meters (see product manual for details)

                  – The product has LED white gliding function to instantly disturb the animal, and different ultrasonic wave drivers will emit 15-65KHZ different frequency conversion sound waves; and for animals, we also add two sounds to drive (shotg un and eagle)

                  – The product has a solar charging function, the solar panel charging voltage is 5.5V current is 20-25Ma, if the solar conversion in summer can reach more than 30Ma.

                  – A 18650 3.7V 2200mAh battery, convenient battery replacement and large capacity increase the standby time of the product, and the product is also equipped with Mc-USB charging port to match all charging lines on the market, for solar energy can not be timely It can be quickly charged when replenishing power.

                  – The product has 4 Mode, each gear is specially developed for different animals.

                  – Material: UV protection ABS IV

                  Working mode description:
                  1.Ultrasonic + white light (white light does not light during the day):
                  The infrared signal detection pin detects the signal, outputs a high-frequency square wave, and the white LED light flashes (at night). Only the high-frequency square wave is output during the day, and the white LED light does not output. The daytime night is detected by the light detection pin (the seventh leg). determination. Square wave is the sweep mode, specifically 15-17kHz, 23-27kHz, 33-37kHz, 43-47kHz, 53-57kHz, 61-65kHz, single sweep 500ms (from minimum frequency to maximum frequency), each frequency The segment output time is 1.5s and the total output time is 9s. The white LED output frequency is 8Hz flicker, the output 1s stops for 1s, then the output is 1s, the loop output, and the output time is calculated according to the ultrasonic time.

         + white light:
                  There is a sound source to control the audio time.When there is an infrared trigger signal on the output, the control signal is output to the audio chip, and the voice chip outputs sound. At the same time, the white LED light is output, and the white LED light output is the same as above, and the time and sound output are consistent. One special note is that if you need to play the sound again within 1 minute after the first playback of the sound, you need to replace the second-stage sound source, that is, the control terminal gives two pulses. If it is separated by 1 min, then Play again from the first segment of the sound source. The same, if there is another trigger within 1 minute after the second segment is finished playing, the third segment of the sound source will be played, and the first segment of the sound source will be played again after 1 minute. And so on.

                  3.ultrasound + audio:
                  Ultrasound and audio are output as described above. The ultrasonic wave is output first, and the audio is output after the output.

                  4.ultrasound + audio + white light:
                  Ultrasound and audio are output according to the above output mode. The white LED lamp is the same as mode 1, and is added in time and ultrasonic + audio time.

                  When the four modes work, there is a red LED to indicate the working state, and the time is consistent with the mode output time. The four modes are set to the non-repeatable trigger mode, that is, when each mode is output, the infrared trigger signal is no longer received, or the trigger signal is invalid. After the output is completed, the interval can be triggered again after 1 s, and output again.


                  Brand KCASA
                  Model KC-JK555
                  Infrared Sensor Angle 110 degrees
                  Detection Range 8-9 meters depending on animals size
                  Power Supply Solar power + 3x AA size rechargeable batteries or 5V, 500mA adaptor
                  Red Light Indicates the units is activated
                  Frequency 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ
                  Repel mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc

                  19.5 KHZ – 24.5KHZ
                  Repel cats, raccoons, badgers, shunks etc

                  24.5KHZ – 45.5KHZ
                  Repel bats, birds, rodents etc

                  Strong Flashing Light
                  Repel raccoon, boar, marten etc

                  All Function Working
                  Sweep frequency from mode1-mode2-mode3, and turn on strong flashing light

                  The gear has a switch to select.
                  When the power supply voltage is lower than 3.0V, the red indicator light flashes at a frequency of 1Hz. During this period, the chip does not perform any output, indicating that the product needs to be charged.

                  Package Includes:
                  1 X KCASA KC-JK555 Ultrasonic Animal Dispeller

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