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Mini Jewelry Gas Mirco Torch Welding Brazing Cutting Tools


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                  Material: Metal
                  Color: Multicolors
                  The highest welding temperature: 1700℃
                  Interchangeable Torch Tip Length: 43mm /1.69"(appr.)
                  Length: 205cm /80.71"(appr.)
                  ● Ideal for jewelry repair and construction, hobbyists, crafts, metal sculpture, glass blowing, and electronics repair and manufacturing. It can weld an unlimited range of materials.
                  ● Torch
                  The torch is designed to meet the requirements of industry for a small, lightweigh torch to weld, braze, heat and solder materials ranging from 3/16” metal to ultra-fine wires. The six tips available provide a wide range of flame sizes allowing the versatility to perform many different tasks. Light weight construction and highly flexible hose provide pinpoint welding with maximum control.
                  ● Gases
                  The product can be used with most comonly available pressurized fuel gases: acetylene, hy-drogen, propanes, propylenes, natural gas or mapp with oxygen. The two smallest tips, sizes 1 and 2, can only be used satisfactorily with acetylene and hy-drogen fuel gases. CAUTION: When using natural gas, a minimum of 1 pound of pressure is required. Higher pressures are necessary for use with melting tips.
                  ● Tips
                  There are six tips available for the torch. SIZE 1, 2 AND 3 ARE FITTED WITHA SYNTHETIC SAPPHIRE to assure accurate gas flow because of the extraordinary small orifice size. There are also two different heating tips available, one for use with all gases and another specially designed for propane or natural gas. Refer to the pressure recommendation chart provided in this booklet for being used.
                  ● Repairs/Replacement of Hose
                  The torch hose is a special material designed to be compatible with the various fuel gases. The maximum length of hose used should not exceed 12 feet.
                  ※EYE PROTECTION
                  Oxy-fuel flames produce hazardous rays of light(infrared/ultraviolet). An approved filter lens is required for eye protection when operation oxy-fuel equipment. Approved safety glasses are required in conjuncting with a filtered eye protection device.
                  ※PROPER CLOTHING
                  Hazardous rays of light, molten metal, or sparks can cause severe burns to unprotected parts of the body. Appropriate protective clothing such as gloves, aprons, safety shoes, etc, are required when using oxy-fuel equipment.
                  WARNING: Keep all clothing and protective equipment free of oil and grease. These substances can ignite and will burn violently in the presence of pure of oxygen.
                  The safety of any work area can be improved by following good housekeeping practices.
                  1. The work place must have a fireproof floor.
                  2. Work benches must have fireproof tops.
                  3. Nearby walls and unprotected flooring should be protected from sparks and hot metal by the use of heat resistant shields or other approved material.
                  4. An approved fire extinguisher must be kept and maintained (check regularly) in the work area.
                  5. The work site should be cleared of combustible materials. If such materials cannot be removed, they must be protected with fireproof covers and a fire watch should be established.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x Mini Gas Torch
                  5 x Interchangeable Torch Tip
                  1 x English User Manual

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