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Portable Battery Operated Home Fire Smoke Alarm Safety Wireless Sensor Tool


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                  This detector is suitable for smoke detection and alarm in factories, homes, shops, computer rooms, etc.

                  Material: PC+ABS
                  Color: White+Red
                  Power supply: 9V battery
                  Quiescent current: ≤15μA
                  Alarm current: ≤45mA
                  Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
                  Relative humidity: ≤95% RH (40 °C ± 2 °C)
                  Output form: sound and light alarm
                  Sound pressure level: ≥80dB (3 meters in front)
                  Size: (Dia.)X(H)100X38.5mm /3.94''X1.52''(appr.)

                  1. Suitable for smoke detection and alarm in factories, homes, shops, computer rooms, etc.
                  2. High sensitivity, stable and reliable, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, easy to use, etc.
                  3. Infrared photoelectric sensor with special structure design, reliable ASIC, and SMT chip processing technology.
                  This product is not suitable for use in the following locations:
                  1. Places where smoke is normally trapped.
                  2. Locations with large dust, water mist, steam, oil mist pollution and corrosive gases.
                  3. Locations with relative humidity greater than 95%.
                  4. Locations with ventilation speeds greater than 5 m/s.

                  Installation Environment:
                  Alarm equipment For simple places, when the space height is below 6m, the protection area is 40㎡, and the alarm should be installed on the ceiling.

                  Installation method:
                  1. Drill two mounting holes at a distance of 72mm-42mm on the ceiling, and fix the base of the alarm with expansion plug and self-tapping screws.
                  2. Remove the base, press the battery in the direction of the battery buckle in the 9V laminated battery, and then put the battery into the battery compartment at the bottom of the alarm. Note: if the battery is in the wrong direction, the alarm will not work properly and may damage the alarm
                  3. Press and hold the self-test button, the alarm indicator lights up and an alarm sounds, indicating that the alarm is working properly. If it is not normal, you should check if the battery is installed correctly or the voltage is too low.
                  4. After the alarm is tested, insert the alarm into the base according to the base installation mark, rotate clockwise, and the alarm is on the top. And fastened in place

                  Instructions for use:
                  1. Normal status:
                  The alarm means that the red indicator light is on for about 45 seconds, and the smoke concentration in the surrounding environment is automatically detected every 11s.
                  2. Low power status:
                  The red indicator of the alarm flashes once every 45 seconds, and the buzzer sounds “beep” at the same time as the flashing light. When the alarm reminds the undervoltage, the battery should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the alarm. Causes no normal alarm
                  3. Alarm status:
                  When the smoke concentration reaches the alarm value, the red indicator light of the alarm starts to flash. At this time, the alarm determines whether the fire is real. When the confirmation is correct, the alarm lights up the red indicator and sounds an alarm.
                  4. Self-test status:
                  The alarm should be periodically self-tested. When the button is pressed, the red indicator of the alarm lights up and the alarm sounds. When the button is released, the alarm automatically returns to normal operation.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x Detector (Battery not included)
                  More Details:

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