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Proxmark3 Development Board Suit Kits NFC RFID Reader Writer for RFID NFC Card Copier Clone Crack 2 USB Port 512K


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                  Operating voltage: 3.5-5.5 V
                  Working current: 50-130 ma
                  Three dimensions: 54 mm * 86.6 mm
                  Size: 6.2 mm thick (9.8 mm the thinnest) (with screw) 15.8 (plus low frequency antenna)
                  Hardware performance parameters:
                  (low frequency antenna installed on the right side)
                  # LF can antenna: be used 29.84 V @ 125.00 kHz
                  # LF can antenna: be used 32.31 V @ 134.00 kHz
                  # HF can antenna: be used 28.43 V @ 13.56 MHz
                  (on the left side of the low frequency antenna installation)
                  # LF can antenna: be used 43.86 V @ 125.00 kHz
                  # LF can antenna: be used 24.48 V @ 134.00 kHz
                  # HF can antenna: be used 25.13 V @ 13.56 MHz
                  The main function (common) :
                  High frequency:
                  M1 card operation mode: 1. The conventional, speaking, reading and writing S50 card and other 14443 class a class B card. (class B brush 2.5.0 firmware)
                  2. Use the PRNG vulnerability analytical 0 sectors.
                  3. The use of nested (mfoc) loopholes, parsing the card.
                  Simulation card mode: 1. The simulation of the Mifare series S50 / Ultralight/DESFire card UID.
                  2. Simulated M1 S50 sector data. (pick card reader)
                  3. The simulated M1 S50 shell, to get the data calculate the secret key (pick card reader)
                  Silent mode: 1. The silent sniffer M1 S50 communication data between card and card reader, parsing the secret key.
                  2. Silence sniffing a class B class 14443 full communication data card and card reader.
                  Can be used to debug card reader equipment, behavior analysis.
                  Low frequency:
                  ID card operation mode: 1., speaking, reading and writing, and HID, T55XX, Indala low-frequency card, etc.
                  2. Through the write ID/HID/Indala T55XX card, become the three CARDS.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x The PM3 Easy master (2.0.0 firmware)
                  1 x The shell plate 
                  1 x Low frequency antenna 
                  1 x Copper cylinder screw number
                  6 x Card  (M1 S50 UID * 2 T5577* 2 Proxcard HID)
                  1x Master protective film
                  1 x The USB line

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