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QX-5 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester EMF Tester Household Radiation Protection Tools EMF Meter


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                  1. Electromagnetic wave radiation tester is used for electromagnetic environment electromagnetic wave radiation test: room, office, computer room, control room, high voltage line, emission tower electromagnetic wave radiation measurement, etc.
                  2. Electromagnetic wave radiation tester is used for electromagnetic wave radiation test of electrical equipment: computer, television, copier, fax machine, cable, Bluetooth wireless system, monitor, mobile phone electromagnetic radiation test, GSM base station, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator and other electrical equipment Electromagnetic wave radiation test analysis.
                  3. Electromagnetic wave radiation tester for electromagnetic wave radiation protection function test: test electromagnetic protective clothing, computer radiation protection screen / protective material shielding electromagnetic radiation function machine room or shielding room RF signal monitoring electromagnetic wave radiation measurement applied to computer TV Function detection and promotion of products such as security screen, computer radiation eliminator, mobile phone radiation elimination stickers, etc.
                  4. Electromagnetic wave radiation tester is used for electromagnetic wave radiation test in various work/living environments, including mobile phone electromagnetic radiation test, frequency modulation/television/short wave broadcast, microwave electromagnetic radiation measurement, computer wireless device, wireless communication, radio frequency emission device electromagnetic radiation Measurement, etc.


                  Electromagnetic radiation tester Size: 14cm (length) * 7cm (W) * 2.5cm (thick) 
                  Features: electromagnetic radiation test computer, television and a variety of office automation equipment 
                  Test Range: Within 5HZ-5000MHZ frequency range
                  Sensitivity: ≤1uw / square cm Accuracy: ≤ | 1db | 
                  Reference standard: Hj / T10.2-1996 (Radiation Environmental Management Guidelines electromagnetic radiation monitoring instruments and methods) 
                  R & D units: China Institute for Radiation Protection 
                  Low Medium High frequency is 5-400k respectively hertz, 400k-50m Hz, 50m-5000m Hz. 

                  Test Methods:
                  1.Measuring the mobile phone: Turn on the instrument switch, and the mobile phone radiation source (usually beside the antenna) is close to the test area about 1-2 cm (adjust the different distance according to the different mobile phone), and the mobile phone radiation value will be displayed on the display. Is the electromagnetic radiation density of the mobile phone;
                  2.Test the computer: Turn on the instrument and turn the instrument close to the computer monitor or computer host. The closer the computer monitor or the host is, the more radiation will be. The different computer radiation will be different. The electromagnetic radiation of the computer may reach several thousand uw/ Square cm, small instrument test radiation value may show 0 (Note: when the instrument test electromagnetic radiation value is less than 1uw / square cm, the instrument will display 0);

                  Anti-radiation effect test method for radiation protection products:
                  1. Test the radiation protection effect of the mobile phone anti-radiation stickers: firstly use the electromagnetic radiation tester to test the approximate radiation value of the mobile phone (about 1-2 cm from the mobile phone), attach the mobile phone radiation protection to the mobile phone, and use the electromagnetic radiation tester. Test the radiation of the mobile phone (about 1-2 cm from the mobile phone), the results of the two tests can see whether the radiation protection product can prevent radiation;
                  2. Test the radiation protection effect of the radiation protection clothing: first test the computer or other radiation source with the electromagnetic wave radiation tester, and put the radiation protection clothing in the middle. At this time, if the radiation protection clothing is anti-radiation, the value displayed by the electromagnetic wave radiation tester It will be significantly reduced.

                  Package included:

                  1 x QX-5 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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