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Rofis TC1 XP G3 3 Modes 120Lumens USB Rechargeable Touch Switch Control Mini EDC Flashlight


Product name: Rofis TC1 XP G3 3 Modes 120Lumens  Flashlight
Brand: Rofis 
Model: TC1
Emitter Type: XP G3
Max Output: 120Lumens
Mode: Low, Mid, High
Lumens: 2LM, 30LM, 120LM
Runtime: 420min, 70min, 3+45 mins
Battery Configurations: 10180 Li-ion Battery (Included)
Switch Type: Touch Switch
Switch Location: Tail Switch
Material: Aluminum alloy
Impact Resistant 1 m
Waterproof: IPX-6 Waterproof
Lens: PMMA Lens
Color: Black
Weight: 15.5g (With Battery)
Operation Instruction:
I. Charge
Turn the flashlight into a counter clockwise to expose the Micro USB 
charging port, then plug it into the power supply to charge flashlight.
The red light indicates charging,  and when it turns into blue, means 

charging is completed.
II. Turn on/ off
Long press the touch switch for 1 second to turn the flashlight on/off 
(with memory function)

III. Lock/ unlock
When the flashlight is off, long press the touch switch for more than 3 
seconds and the flashlight will flash twice to enter the locked mode; 
Long press again to unlock.

IV: Change brightness level 
When the flashlight is on, quickly touch the switch to change mode.
V. Position mode/ Battery power indicator
When the flashlight is off, quickly touch switch to enter the position 
mode, the color of indicator shows remained battery power.
Blue light is always on, means the remained battery power is more 
than 80%.

Blue breathing light is on, means the power is over 20%
Red lights flickers, means the power is less than 20%.
Touch the switch again, turn off the positioning mode.

1.Adopting advanced touch control technology, the touch control is faster and more sensitive.
2. Small size, convenient for everyday carry.
3. Utilize a 10180 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
4. XPG3 LED, max output up to 120 lumens.
5. Using high- transmittance PMMA lens, the light beam is more faster and less harmful to eyes.
6. Made of premium aluminum alloy, the surface is Mil-spec hard anodizing (HA Ⅲ), making the flashlight more wear-resistant.

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